Review of Rooted and Winged at Savvy Verse and Wit

I’m thrilled with this review of Rooted and Winged at Savvy Verse and Wit.

You can find it here:

Two of the poems in Rooted and Winged are based on Sylvia Plath poems. This is what my Plath Collected Poems looks like after all these years.


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13 responses to “Review of Rooted and Winged at Savvy Verse and Wit

  1. Lovely review of your book, Luanne!

  2. On my way to read the review! (I have a short story anthology from my college days that looks like your Plath book.)

    • Hahaha! Hey, I just read your Norfolk, VA story!!! Excellent!!!! I will be reading the other one, too, but haven’t gotten there yet. I haven’t read many short stories lately although it was half my MFA subject matter (fiction: short stories). Your story really reminded me how much I love the genre. I love the way you just lay it there at the end, too. The heart-breaking inside of the average person’s daily life IMO.

  3. I love Sylvia Plath, so will surely love your work. Heading over to read now <3

  4. Congratulations, Luanne

  5. Wonderful, Luanne! Your voice clearly has spoken in this collection – loud and clear. Bravo!

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