A New Interview and a Worthy Journal (and a flash)

Thimble Magazine was founded by the multi-talented Nadia Arioli. Nadia, a poet and artist, is also editor-in-chief of the journal.

Check out Thimble’s interview of me in their newsletter of Patreon supporters. It was really fun to respond to some new questions!


If you would like to help support (for as little as $1/month) a deserving poetry journal, I can’t think of one I enjoy more than Thimble. Nadia is a delightful person with excellent taste in poetry. I think the statement on the journal’s website is very telling: “THE THIMBLE LITERARY MAGAZINE IS BASED ON THE BELIEF THAT POETRY IS LIKE ARMOR. LIKE A THIMBLE, IT MAY BE SMALL AND SEEM INSIGNIFICANT, BUT IT WILL PROTECT US WHEN WE ARE MOST VULNERABLE.” https://www.patreon.com/thimblelitmag

Thimble seems a magazine by the people for the people. I love it.

Speaking of literature journals, I’m part of the community surrounding the magazine Verse-Virtual. VV held a book party the other day for VV poets who have new books out. I read from Rooted and Winged. Nine others read from their books as well, and thanks to that reading, I bought four new poetry books! I start to read at 2:20: https://www.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR2xh0R1rNEpauOqIscRoZsbOcBbODRNsTEveIjcej0ApPq-jP8z5Z58qLQ&v=nLYpTk-HAQQ&feature=youtu.be

Guess what I just discovered? I wanted to start to submit to Visual Verse to practice writing ekphrastically. So for my first try I wrote a flash piece about the art Visual Verse used as a prompt. I didn’t know they published mine, but I just found it: https://visualverse.org/submissions/the-mess-of-mindfulness/

Without saying anything else (because what can be said is endless), I just want to place this link for Tyre Nichols’ photography.



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27 responses to “A New Interview and a Worthy Journal (and a flash)

  1. Great interview! I’ve subscribed

    • Thanks, Jade! And thank you for subscribing. I think it’s so important that we give to the poetry community if we want to keep it flourishing!

  2. Another great interview, Luanne–very informative.
    Congratulations on all the publications!

  3. Excellent interview, Luanne. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I enjoyed the interview (and the poem at Visual Verse). A friend and fellow poet here in Mid-Missouri, Agnes Vojta, recently joined the editorial board of Thimble.

  5. Excellent interview in Thimble, Luanne. By the people, for the people. Speaks volumes, right?
    Thank you so much for the link to Tyre Nichols photography.
    Tyre Nichols. Say his name. Remember.

    • Thanks, Sheila. It sure does speak volumes.
      You’re welcome about Tyre Nichols’ website. TYRE NICHOLS. His photos speak for him now that he cannot. And of course we have to speak for him as well.

  6. Nice interview. I also enjoyed the flash piece. You have a great imagination, Luanne.

  7. I greatly enjoyed your interview with Thimble. Nadia asked particularly good questions. I also enjoyed your reading of one of my favorite poems from Rooted and Winged. I was very surprised to recognize Rose Mary Boehm, who is a member of the New Hampshire Poetry Society. I see her regularly at Zoom events. I also enjoyed your ekphrastic flash piece. The final paragraph is exquiste!

  8. What a great interview. Nadia Arioli really knows the questions to ask, and your answers were illuminating — with art and practicality. Thanks for all the links!

    • Thank you so much for reading! She asked some great questions. I have loved doing these interviews. It’s good for me to stop and think about my life instead of just racing through it.

  9. I’m so glad I finally found time to read this post deeply and go into the links. What a privilege to hear you read your poem. I was intrigued with Liz Gauffreau’s reading on another post also. I kept wondering how I would have paced that particular piece, and how your work would sound coming out with Australian accent 🙂

    • Liz’s reading is stellar. My readings get emotional but once I am out of a poem I am into Um Um Um territory. I want to slap myself when I hear me on video. I would love to hear my poems in an Australian voice!

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