Visit the Our Wolves Book Tour 3-7-23

First stop on the Our Wolves blog tour, a book review, can be found here:

On another note, I wanted to give you a Perry update. His meds seem to be holding everything bad at bay for now, so we are doing well on that count. But Meesker has decided he doesn’t like Perry in his “room,” so he beats him up occasionally. Yesterday, he left Perry’s fur flying all over the floor! It funny with cats how it works: Perry chases Sloopy Anne who chases Meesker who chases Perry. See the circle there? Then Kana and Perry both intimidate Lily, but if we didn’t have a gate up in the house she would beat up both Meesker and Sloopy Anne! Otherwise, we live in peace and harmony . . . .

I submitted a request to the Phoenix Public Library to purchase 3 books, including Rooted and Winged. I received an automated email saying they had purchased Rooted and Winged. Yay! But the other books were by friends, and they gave me no response on those! I wonder what happened? Next month I will try again. By the way, it’s very easy to request your local library purchase a book, especially if you have a library card.


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12 responses to “Visit the Our Wolves Book Tour 3-7-23

  1. My goodness! You need a chart to know who’s friends with whom (or more importantly who’s not friends with whom). It’s mean girls all over!

    • Hahaha. This is what happened when we brought in my son’s cats. The two of them don’t get along and then it’s complicated everything. We are have a permanent wrought iron type gate made for inside my house!!!!!!!!

      • Been there, done that. I had a tall baby gate on my stairs two houses ago because Jake didn’t get along with old cat Lacy. He jumped it. I added a second gate above the first to make it taller. (Yes it was a royal pain for people to go up and down the stairs!). He jumped that. Finally, Lacy was old and no longer interested in much so she stayed in a bright sunny bedroom with a solid door and she was happy.

        • I’m glad but not glad that it’s not just us, if you know what I mean! Yeah, we’ve had a gate up since June. A regular tall gate with a sheet over it. It’s pinned and sewned and ducttaped down and Perry STILL gets through it. But we can’t!!! So we have to go outside to go inside the bedrooms. That’s why we need a gate. It’s gone on so long that we are getting worn out from this. Laundry is an issue. etc. So this new gate will be too tall for even Perry to go over and the bars too narrow to go through. I can’t wait!

  2. I’m glad Perry is feeling better. He’s got to stay out of the boxing ring though.

  3. I’m glad Perry is holding his own with his health. As for the rest of the feline family, that’s way too much cat drama for me.

    Congratulations on the library’s purchase of Rooted and Winged!! The more readers the better!

  4. Wow — the fur was flying!!

  5. Poor Perry. As if it’s not enough that he’s sick, he’s forced to get cranky with the neighbours 🙂

  6. I’m glad Perry is doing well. Thank goodness for medications. I know quite a few of our cats would have had to cross the Rainbow Bridge too much sooner if it hadn’t been for pharmaceuticals. Apparently, he’s well enough, too, that he can hold his own … to a point 😉 We are so grateful that our three disparate cats peacefully co-exist for the most part. Raji (the youngest) can be a little hellion with both Junior and Wendy, but Wendy can kick his butt if need be. We do break up skirmishes that threaten to get out of hand. We pay enough in vet bills as it is!

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