Visit the Our Wolves Book Tour Today

Next stop on the Our Wolves blog tour, a book review, can be found here:

The last book review for Our Wolves was published here:

If you missed my interview by Deborah Kalb, here it is. I think it really shows my inspiration for writing about Red Riding Hood.

And finally if you missed the video of me reading four poems from the book here it


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12 responses to “Visit the Our Wolves Book Tour Today

  1. Was great to hear your voice!

    • Thanks, Kate. I am one of those people who is creeped out by hearing myself talking, but I understand there are a lot of us . . . .

  2. The podcast was a great idea for giving people a sample of your beautiful poetry.

  3. I enjoyed hearing you read your poems! I get such a different experience hearing what you accent.

    • Thank you for watching the video, Ellen! Yes, I imagine so. It is almost a different genre to hear poetry read aloud versus reading it on the page.

  4. On my way to the blog tour stop!

  5. Thank you for providing the links 🙂 I went ahead and ordered a copy of Wolves. I started reading the ARC but not yet finished 🙁 I’m enjoying it, of course 🙂 I loved hearing your read. Funny, I often read aloud to my husband and I enjoy it, but I cringe when my voice is recorded.

  6. Thanks for sharing this, Luanne. And it’s always nice to hear an author’s voice!

  7. Hi Luanne. Just wanted to let you know I bought your book, loved it, and wrote about it on my blog. I’ll try to get a review up on Amazon soon.

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