Another Visit on the Our Wolves Book Tour

We have another stop on the Our Wolves blog tour! A delightful book review by Anthony Avina can be found here:

“Heartfelt, memorable, and captivating, author Luanne Castle’s “Our Wolves” is a masterful and engaging poem collection.” Anthony Avina

I love these Red Riding Hood Russian nesting dolls because Red is the largest doll and swallows up the others! And who is that littlest one?


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11 responses to “Another Visit on the Our Wolves Book Tour

  1. Congratulations on another excellent review! I love the Little Red nesting dolls. What a find!!

  2. Love the video!

  3. Gosh, I love those nesting dolls … especially the littlest one 🙂 Congrats on another wonderful review!

  4. It might be a baby wolf; did Red and Wolf have a baby? Where can I find a set of these????

    • I had to laugh at this. Did Red and Wolf have a baby? Thank you for your imagination! I am going to hope this is a cat. I bought this set at an antique store some years ago. I was so thrilled to find it, too. I just googled them on your behalf, and wow, there are tons of different variations–on ebay and Amazon. And they are not inexpensive. I have a Red Pinterest board, especially for Red and the Wolf art, and I think in the past 60-70 years it must have inspired more art than the characters of Greek and Roman mythology. all put together!

  5. Those nesting dolls are wonderful. Interesting to see the gradation of size and, possibly, importance.

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