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An Award and a Review–a Good Day for Rooted and Winged

I have a little Rooted and Winged news. It’s a Book Excellence Winner in Poetry! Oh yeah, baby.

This is a nice little present to me for the work I put into the book.

Poet Carol Bachofner has posted a review of Rooted and Winged on her new Substack newsletter/blog. I hope you enjoy the review. It is the first in a series of poetry book reviews she plans to write. The second one is already up and it’s about Patricia Smith’s Unshuttered. Please consider following Carol’s newsletter as she continues to write about poetry. https://carolbach.substack.com/p/books-that-say-something-we-need?utm_source=facebook&sd=pf&fbclid=IwAR14BDVHsEnnFldy_xIVPNUKNOt0lV658jNbwn_264sDHCAEVxV9Ud3TOdk

My boy Meesker trying to keep me from reading Meg Pokrass’ micro stories or my Kindle. “ Pet me, Ma.”


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