What Do Your Memories Look Like?

Maybe they look like scraps.  Mine do.

Have you found Anneli’s Place yet on WordPress? She showcases the work of writers on this site. She was so kind to showcase a little piece which introduces Scrap, the memoir I’m working on.  Please check out “Memory Patchwork” for an image of what structures my book.

And then drop over and read Anneli’s other blog, too: Words from Anneli.


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13 responses to “What Do Your Memories Look Like?

  1. Thanks, Luanne. I really love the idea of the quilt and scraps of memories. Great idea!

  2. Loved this post, Luanne!

  3. Lovely quilt, lovely metaphor!

  4. I borrowed the “tapestry of our lives” (from the cotton commercial) in my love story post about Arlene and Axel… I love the idea of lives being woven into a tapestry or how our lives connect and intersect. Great way to pass on another good blog to check out, too, Luanne!

    • Luanne

      Thanks, Robin. I love the tapestry idea. And there is also the underneath side of the tapestry that can be very messy, but can also have a different but still pretty picture!

      • I am looking at this older connection to you, Luanne. We have been friends for nearly 5 years, so nice to know our lake and mid-west background keeps us in touch still! ❤️

        • Oh, wow! I had forgotten all about this. In fact, I found that scrap on my computer and rewrote part of it and plopped it into the memoir manuscript where it had been absent for several years now! In out in?

          • It was a great read, you were part irritated and part wanting to ignore her but your (good, kind and gentle) heart opened and you realized she needed to talk! I’m not sure why it stuck in my brain but it was there all of a sudden while you had the post to plunk it into, Luanne! ❤️

          • I accidentally was on my comments part of WP, I thought this comment was about the girl on the plane.
            So, here is my response to the scraps of fabric and I did really like the way you expressed this, as an analogy to memories and writing. Both of us had many scraps of fabric from both Grandma and mother’s sewing. I made up a quart sized baggie of cute fabric pieces, bits of lace and buttons for my oldest granddaughter, Lara. She was making an art project about family and heritage. She came up with quite a nice mixed mediums’ poster!

            • What a wonderful project! I love it! If I don’t get to all your comments right away, it’s because I’m going to take a blogging break for the most part this week. I posted today, but closed the comments as I only wanted to share an amazing poem I found. But I might wander back here anyway ;). Have a wonderful week!!! xoxoxoxo

  5. What a neat analogy! I think scraps to quilts is a perfect metaphor for memoir writing…that’s often how memories come, and we try to piece them together into a beautiful picture. Hope your memoir is going well; keep working at it!

    • Luanne

      I didn’t used to realize that other people also kept their memories as scraps in a basket, but it’s very cool to know that it’s the same for others. Thank you for your good wishes, Lindsey. I feel that I got over a speedbump and can move ahead freely for a while!!

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