The Dual Life of a Creative Woman

Barnstorm Journal published my poem “Portrait” today in both text and audio formats. You can read it or listen to it here. The poem is from my forthcoming book Doll God.

The poem examines the dual lives many creative women experience: one is the imaginative worlds of our art and the other the practical lives of family and (survival) work. Of laundry and tax forms.

Recently, I’ve been pulled so hard in both directions it’s surprising I haven’t split right down the middle.  Just when writing projects heated up, so did work for the business.

I hope you like my poem–and maybe some of you can relate to it. If not, at least you might like the ocean imagery–unless you’re expecting palm trees and surf boards.




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52 responses to “The Dual Life of a Creative Woman

  1. FIrst of all I read that “Branstorm Journal,” which implied something very different. Also, beautiful poem – love the ending.

  2. Yes, the imagery was perfect, and I now am going to go sit on my dock and polish some clamshells. Thanks for sharing your poem!

  3. That’s why all that laundry is piling up? Because I’m creative? Damn!
    Congratulations and thanks for posting this.

  4. That is beautifully expressed, Luanne, and your word positioning adds meaning to the feeling of being torn in several directions.

    I’m not sure that feeling ever stops; at best we try not to shred completely.

    • Ah, thanks so much, Sammy. I did a lot of work on that structure to show that split. Unfortunately, for the book, the formatting had to be altered because it won’t fit on the page this way, so that version won’t be as dramatic.
      Yes, I’m feeling very shredded right now, but I think some wine and chocolate tonight might help. Or maybe whirlpool jets.

  5. Lovely imagery, Luanne. I was there!

  6. Had received an email from a colleague with a quote about pursuing balance in life, and then, your poem… Powerful stuff, Luanne!

    • Pam, thanks so much. And how true: balance. After too much work and stress this week, instead of turning to wine and chocolate, I turned to exercise, thinking that would put some real balance into my life! I hope you have a lovely balanced weekend.

  7. Congratulations on the publication of your poem. It was neat listening to it as I read the poem. 🙂

  8. I love it! Congrats on your publication and forthcoming book!

  9. Beautiful, Luanne, but I wouldn’t expect anything else from you. Great stuff here! Congratulations! xo

    • That’s so sweet of you, Jill. Thank you so much for your support. It means so much to me! Have a productive and/or relaxing weekend–whatever you need right now!

  10. Beautiful and moving.

  11. Love all things ocean, Luanne! I can see what is made from seaweed and flotsam – with maybe a bit of sea glass thrown in for color! Congrats!

  12. congrats Luanne! beautiful poem! just stunningly crafted. I could definitely relate to the imagery; the ebb and flow; the ‘polishing’ of our creative works. This is a poem I am going to come back to time and again. Thanks for sharing it 🙂

  13. Congratulations, Luanne! I love your poem, the imagery, the structure. I understand the structure means to show how you are divided, but did you also intend for the reader to perhaps read down one “column” and then the next, as if they were two poems side by side? I gave it a go and loved it that way too. Hope you had your chocolate and wine last night … you deserve some R&R 🙂

    • Marie, I actually worked out before the wine and chocolate! I feel so justified haha. Thank you so much about the poem. Yes, you are right. I made it a double poem– one poem made up of two. 🙂

  14. What a wonderful poem Luanne. That image of the ocean absorbing and releasing in layers is beautiful. I can completely relate to it and wish that I could spend the time beside the brined edge of the sea.

  15. That’s a great poem Luanne, and I can totally relate to being pulled in so many different directions. I’ve been feeling the same way, but taking time to slow down is so important. With the holidays coming up, it’s easier said than done though.

    • Faith, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been pulled lately, too. I was just thinking that things would be better in a couple of weeks and then realized– uh oh! Yes, I will take your advice to slow down, but just a little ;). You too!

  16. Very nice, Luanne!

  17. I loved the poem, Luanne! Your poetry kindles, beams and blazes. Congratulations on your collection coming out!

    • Sheila, those are some fine adjectives that my poems aspire to, so thank you! I’m tickled that you loved it. And thanks re Doll God. I’m pretty excited and can’t wait to hold it in my hand!

  18. Oh Luanne, your photograph and then the powerful imagery created in your exquisitely crafted poem takes me right to the shore of the seaweed-strewn sea, far away from the stuff of chores and all that so often splits me in two. I find my calm by the water and especially by that ‘brined edge’ of the sea. Sadly, for some reason, I couldn’t listen to it, it wouldn’t play, but I didn’t need to as I heard your voice loud and strong through your beautiful words 🙂 I hope things are a little calmer for you now…just a little… maybe…Hugs xo

    • So you feel it, too! Sigh. Thank you so much for listening and letting me know that you feel it too. The water, the “brined edge,” and the split, too. I am feeling somewhat better as I tackle one project after another, although as Faith (above) reminded me, we are almost at the holidays. Yikes!!!

      • Oh Luanne, yikes is right…I’m yiking all over the place 😮 Glad you’re feeling a little better though…but yes, I do feel it too. ‘Tis the way of it…

  19. Luanne I love the poem and can resonate. I feel like I could spilt down the middle too. Finally after years of chasing the creative dream I now have my work available and my world is looking crazier than ever. Trying to balance the art, children and life on my kitchen table. Congratulations on the poem I tried to leave a comment but was not logged in or something?

    • Ah, thanks so much, Kath. Yeah, I don’t know why they leave that up about comments when they don’t work for anyone. And judging by the other pieces, they don’t ever activate it, that I can see. It’s so true what you say for me too about “my world is looking crazier than ever.” And, as you must know by now, I love your art!!

  20. Hi Luanne. Congratulations! What a lovely poem. The structure is wonderful–imitating the sculling motion in a boat. I love it!

  21. Congratulations, Luanne! This is lovely and expressive.
    I tried to write a comment and it did not allow me to. Sorry, Luanne! I used my wordpress user name and the correct password twice. Have you had anyone else say this is why they haven’t left a comment yet, Luanne?
    I loved your poem, the woman of the sea, she is just so free! There are many details of nature and salt and other ways she is depicted evoking a sense of wistfulness. Then, there is the woman of the ledgers, keeper of notes and details. This woman wishes to be released from the hold that paper and pens, pencils, notes have tethered her ‘down.’ This is how I felt after reading the dichotomy of this woman who has both lives, possibly tormented by one which is ‘boring’ but afraid to let go and become one with the sand and salt water.

    • Robin, I LOVE what you wrote. Gee, I anguish over what to say about stuff I read and you always know just what to say. You must be one of those people others love to have around, especially at the high stress times, because you know just what to say. You’re such a sweetheart.
      I don’t think those comments over there work. They probably should disable where it says that . . . .

  22. Ellen Morris Prewitt

    How cool is this! You know I love that it is in audio. Both a great poem and a great reading. Thanks so much for sharing it.

    • Thanks for reading, Ellen. So glad you enjoyed it. I actually had fun making this audio. In the past, it was so stressful. But this time I just used my iPhone and it felt so casual.

  23. Beautiful poem! Thanks for reading my post about drawing picture for kids to express emotions.

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