Here is the Sequel to Yesterday’s Blog Post

If you follow the link you can read the story I mentioned yesterday.

The Story of What Happened in Chicago

In Arkansas, America, and Art, I wrote that something occurred that made my uncle end up moving his family from Chicago to rural Illinois to rural Arkansas.

Check it out. You might be surprised at what happened way back when as it will sound familiar.

Uncle Frank and Dad

colorizing by Val at Colouring the Past


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22 responses to “Here is the Sequel to Yesterday’s Blog Post

  1. What a darling photo!!

  2. What a story!

  3. What a tragic story, and, yes, thank goodness (and a few goddesses) that your uncle’s need to pee was so urgent. Kudos to you for including the different news versions. I’m always a bit skeptical of what I read. They say every witness to an event will give a different version of what happened. That’s so clear in the news articles you share. Frankly, the one from Jet read more like an opinion piece than factual journalism. Still, the race and age of Jackson surprised me; but then since the neighborhood was predominately African-American, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. And I have to wonder if he was planning to kill himself as well since he had to know he wouldn’t get away with the murders. And how would he have lived with himself if he had gotten away with it? He knew he was going to die anyway; the murders just added more pain and anguish. It’s a sad story all around and with Jackson being killed as well, people can only guess at his motive but there’s no motive that can rationalize murder. This may haunt me for a while.

    • All you say here is what has gone through my mind, too. One thing I didn’t include is that my uncle says the cop who killed Jackson was African-American. Another thing we tend to think of as newer is having minority first responders to work in minority communities. But this was 1966. A blogger who reads old newspapers says mass shootings have happened in this country for ages. 😿

      • I don’t doubt that mass shootings are “nothing new” for this country. The difference, rather, might be in the weaponry used and the frequency of mass shootings.

        • The weaponry is different for sure. It’s crazily horrific. The frequency, for sure!!!, And the other thing that I’ve been thinking about is that we are a global society now–and that means that our information is global. So we hear about stuff that happens just about everywhere–and it all feels awful. But in the old days people heard much less than we do today. And TV wasn’t in front of our faces with its news either. And then add on computers and iphones now ugh. Remember before 911 when there wasn’t 24hours news all over the TV?! I feel so fatigued by all the “news.”

  4. What an incredible story! Your uncle’s fate had something else in store for him clearly! It’s a life changing incident for sure – up there with the day a young Waylon Jennings gave up his seat on Buddy Holly’s plane and my aunt missed her connection to the train ride known here as the Tangiwai Disaster. I know for my aunt that thing that didn’t happen to her changed her take on life, deepened her values and as she said woke her up! Do you think it may have impacted your uncle in the same way? It’s so interesting to see the press was incorrectly making assumptions and issuing blame even back then – and that gun massacres have been a thing in the US for so very long.

    Val’s colouring is perfection isn’t it! I love the brown coats, but that may be because I saw them first and those two little boys are so totally gorgeous I spent time looking at them and studying the colouring!

    • Those are some other good examples! What were the outward changes in your aunt’s life if you don’t mind my asking. The only outward way I can tell it affected my uncle is that it made him move out of the city.
      The brown coats are getting the most votes–more contrast and also they look the period. I do like how the blue softens their faces though. Val does wonderful work!

      • I don’t think there were that many outward changes for her – she told me though how it changed the way she thought about life, about her personal experiences and about people – and raised in her a belief that while here she would practise love and care and good humour at all times. And she did!

        • What a lovely response! I’ve been thinking about your comment and think that might be when my uncle got more religious. He’s a devout Catholic and really involved with Knights of Columbus.

  5. Oh, that photo is so adorable. Look at the smiles and those shoes! Thanks for sharing this amazing story, Luanne.

  6. What a sad story…but luck was with your uncle! What an irony…saved by his bladder. Unfortunately, that story has been repeated many times in Chicago. I vote for the coats in brown!

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