Imagine a Poem at Open: A Journal of Arts and Letters

I have a poem published today in the gorgeous journal Open: A Journal of Arts and Letters. 

Imagine This Portrait

Somewhat new for me, this is a love poem. Maybe I should reword that. While I write a lot of poems with love, this poem has a romantic love relationship as the guiding inspiration.

They’ve paired the poem with a piece of glorious art by Roger Camp.

Also cool is that they have provided links for Kin Types and Doll God. You can pick up the former for around $6 today, although you know that is subject to change at any moment by Big Brother Amazon.

The gardener has been hard at work.


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22 responses to “Imagine a Poem at Open: A Journal of Arts and Letters

  1. Congratulations, Luanne. Lovely poem

  2. Congratulations, Luanne. I’m echoing, Derrick–but it is a lovely poem, and that art is gorgeous.

  3. I liked the poem a lot. Thanks for sharing, Luanne.

  4. Congratulations! super cool!

  5. Lovely poem, Luanne. Congratulations!

  6. Every word is rich and makes connections to images and feelings in our imagination as we read this poem. A treat to read this!

  7. Beautiful work Luanne – it’s another fine, thought provoking, piece! Congratulations on the publication. <3

  8. “And the hat that slips between us and God…”
    Wow. Beautiful. Congratulations!

  9. Such a beautiful poem, Luanne! The artwork is good, too and yay forThe Gardener and his pretty flowering cacti!

    • My yard is such a pleasure–and it’s all thanks to him. I am so lazy. Why should I help when he does such a good job by himself? 😉
      Thank you for your kind words, Clare!

  10. Lovely poem. I was particularly moved by this line: “He’s the addition to everything she is ” I’ve been reflecting a lot on my marriage because we are coming up on our 30th wedding anniversary and, while the past 30 years has certainly gone by fast, I wish now time should just slow down because we probably won’t have another 30 years together. And I think about how much we are alike and yet so different and that line–“He’s the addition to everything she is”–feels so right. I am a fully actualized human being but Greg “adds” to me, to my life. I like to think I’ve done the same for him.
    And kudos to the Gardener! I’m grateful Greg loves to work in our yard. Leave it to me and we’d only have weeds 😉

  11. I REALLY love that one!

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