My Favorite and Weirdest Poem at Open: A Journal of Arts and Letters

I have a poem published today in the gorgeous journal Open: A Journal of Arts and Letters. Yesterday, they posted “Imagine This Portrait.” Tomorrow, they will publish a 3rd poem. But today is one of my favorite and weirdest poems of all.


This is the photo that inspired the poem.


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20 responses to “My Favorite and Weirdest Poem at Open: A Journal of Arts and Letters

  1. Lovely way to build on this photo.

    • Thank you so much, Anneli. I am noticing how it takes one object to kick me in the head and then strange things come out after that ;). Same thing with “Fishing” that was inspired by the print I own (that was Monday’s post).

  2. Wow, I love that poem, and need to read it a few more times! Serendipitously, I just taught a class about the symbolism of stars in poetry, and now I am noticing so many poems where they play a role. And they always play a slightly different role. So interesting!

    • Thank you so much, Natalie. Now that you mention it I’ve written at least two other poems about stars that I can think of right away. One is a super nova poem, and the other is about the creation of a star. Stars fascinate me. And so so interesting to hear that they play different roles. What a cool class to teach!!!! Were you able to choose the topic?

      • Yes, we found them to be quite ambiguous figures depending on the poem. They can be connected with emotions of fatalistic thinking, a feeling of agency, hope, existential angst, awe/something for people to bond over, etc… It was just a one-day lesson of my choosing as part of an interview for an English teacher position. Fingers crossed!

        • Oh, best of luck and break a leg and lots of good thoughts and vibes for the position!!!!
          What an amazing array of “star connections”!

  3. This is a pretty amazing poem Luanne – I love how your stream of consciousness has moved past the mother and baby into the hidden world beyond and then on into infinity – kind of like a baby’s beginning really. It’s such a gift to be able to catch these inspired and thoughtful moments and write them down <3

    • I loved writing this poem, Pauline! Do you feel that way with some of your pieces over others–that you just love working on one or the other more than other ones?

      • I love to hear this Luanne – it shows I think.
        For me it’s rare – simply because I don’t work at my art regularly enough. But sometimes things flow from somewhere else – those times are deeply satisfying – I have just one painting that makes me really happy still, five years later 🙂

  4. Such a wonderful poem, Luanne. Congratulations! I love the photo of you and your mother…you look like her. <3

  5. Very cool poem. Star babies on the water. Nice how the photo prompted such creativity.

    • “Star babies on the water.” I love that!!!! Haha, that’s what it is. Photos are really good inspirations for poems, I think, as well as artwork and nature. All very tangible items that lead one off in a million directions.

  6. Wonderful and weird and I love it! The photo is so cute!

    • Clare, thank you so much! I love that you love it and think it’s weird :)! Wasn’t I a big chunk of a baby, though? Hah. My poor mother.

  7. I really like this one, Luanne. There’s so much going on in the imagery. You know I love nature, so I love all the mentions. Frogs, snakes, stars, and Jesus—you know that’s a formula for a good poem! 🙂 Great photo, too!

  8. Congratulations. Beautiful poem – sensitive, with splendid imagery

  9. Not so weird, just wildly beautiful!

  10. I thought I had commented, but I guess it was on FB. I don’t think this is so weird, but well, my mind is full of weird stuff (and stars). Hahaha. I agree with Marie, wildly beautiful. I enjoyed the comments about stars above. They are endlessly fascinating. . .

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