Reading, Writing, and Art Journaling

I’m readjusting into 2021 and trying to ignore the outside world as much as I can (since I have severe tension in 80% of my body right now). So what am I doing (besides work-work and home-work and cat-work)?

I really thought I was going to rewrite my memoir into something readable (ask Marie, I really was).  Now I have another idea, but can’t start it yet. My idea (which has been suggested by others in the past) is that I write my memoir as a book of poems. So we will see.

In the meantime, because I wanted to work on that, instead I became excited about writing some new poems for the book-in-progress (which is not the memoir). So I’ve written about six poems so far. Because I am always starting my poems at the kitchen table, I added my craft books to the kitchen, which means they are now in with the cookbooks.

I’ve also started my art journal and am taking Art Journaling 101 from Amy Maricle (an online video course). I’ve been working on background pages. Here is one of my acrylic backgrounds. I am using watercolor and water-soluble pastels for backgrounds, as well.

I might just sit around and play with acrylics. It’s so much like finger painting. What a great stress reliever.

I’m riding the stationery bike, doing stretching or yoga, and walking–at least one of those per day. Yes, I should do more per day, but I have so much I want to cram in each 24 hour period. And that includes reading “my”new mystery series, Vera Stanhope detective, by Ann Cleeves. (Love that name, Ann Cleeves LOL)

OK, go out and seize the week and stay resilient and healthy. XO


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  1. It was so good to hear that you’re writing and arting, Luanne! It sounds as though you have a new lease on life.

  2. Sounds like you are doing a lot! I’m getting ready to move and taking care of a cat with a broken leg. So few words but it takes all my time!

    • Omg I just went back and read your last two posts about Morgan‘s injury. Good grief. I’ve never heard of such a thing. And for it to happen when you’re moving in the middle of a pandemic I cannot even believe it. Your poor girl! I hope she gets her soft collar soon! I’ll be thinking of her all week. Makes me weepy.

      • I had a major nuclear meltdown but then I was grateful we had already sold the house. She wants to get out of the room she’s in but as soon as I let her go into a bedroom, she wants to jump up on something. That would not have worked with people going through. I would have had to take her with me. Now I’m trying to figure out the collar issue. The collar I got was tight. She’s got a fat neck (don’t tell her I said that) and a flattish face so she’s the wrong configuration. I’ve ordered another one that’s a little larger. Truth is that she doesn’t bother it so I give her some long breaks without it on.

        • Did you get another collar or not?

          • Well, yes and no. I bought one and trimmed it. That made it too big and she slipped out of it. By mistake Amazon send me another one (exact same one and I have no idea why) but it was still too tight and I didn’t want to trim it. I bought one from Chewy with high reviews. I got the medium but it was overall too big. The neck would have worked but the shield itself was for a long snout so she couldn’t have eaten with it on. She wasn’t chewing on the bandage so I’ve discarded the collar. I will put the one from the vet back on if she licks or chews. She’s holding out for a designer one from Gucci.

  3. Keep at it, Luanne

  4. Sounds like you’re doing plenty—all creative work. The memoir will be there when you’re ready. Your current projects may be more nourishing.

  5. Wow–you sound very busy, but it a good way. Good news!

  6. Sounds like you are doing the right things to challenge yourself in this new year. Loved your art – colors luscious and wonderfully shown off!!
    Now why didn’t I have the good idea for you to do your memoir through poetry?? I like it.
    Stay safe…virtual hugs for support

    • Lol! Well, I didn’t take the memoir advice up to now anyway. Thank you Re the background. I love the colors and “designs” too. You know the Jenny Lind you sent me? It’s right above my computer and I kept looking at her thinking “that can’t be her.” And then I figured out why! She looks so much like my favorite grandmother. So I asked the gardener if he thought so and he agreed. You stay safe, too. [Hugs]

  7. Amy

    Damn, you are SO talented. Poems, art, and genealogy. Plus exercise. And all that with Valley Fever. I am barely doing a quarter of all that and have no ailments to claim. That painting is gorgeous!

  8. It sounds like you’ve had a very creative start to the year Luanne, long may it continue! I was in a virtual meeting with Ann Cleeves last week. She’s a great friend to libraries and is supporting a project about reading and health.

    • You met with Ann Cleeves! Oh, I’m jealous! You travel in amazing circles. Reading has been one of the biggest helps to me in the past year. I hope I can get back in the groove next week. This one has not been the best.

  9. Good luck with all your stuff. Exercise is important but you know that. Have a great week.

  10. You sound busy to me, in a lovely way of course. Good therapy after the fever.

  11. Your perseverance is mind-blowing and inspiring. Cookbooks and writing books together sound like a recipe for lots of creation. Keep on keeping on, Luanne.

    • Thanks, Susanne. I hope you are doing so, too. I get a kick out of looking at the bookshelf and seeing the poetry in with the fixins. And very convenient!!!

  12. Finger painting with acrylics. I dig it. Man, that DOES sound therapeutic! Sounds like you’re mostly happy busy, and that’s a great way to be 🙂

    • As i mentioned over on your blog, I have a lot of anxiety. So this stuff helps, but it doesn’t make it go away. I think it keeps the anxiety from turning into a tourniquet or serious depression.

      • Busy is good for anxiety, but you’re right, it doesn’t make it go away. Here’s to better days ahead.
        I dunno where they are, but they’re looming, I can feel it!

  13. Nice blog and interesting articles … Congratulations 👍🌺

  14. Wow, even with everything you have been going through, you are still so productive creatively! Incredible! I love Vera (we watch it on Amazon), and I have thought about ordering a couple of the novels. Are they really good? Thinking of you often, praying for you. Will write soon via regular mail! xo

    • The Veras are quite good. Not cozies which I love, but good reads. I started them because I read that Louise Penny likes them. Hugs to you and D.

  15. Aahhhh…the tension is real. So happy to see you’re feeling better and doing fun stuff! I got my watercolors out yesterday, but put them back at the end of the day untouched. It’s hard to fit everything into a day! I love your background artwork. Those two colors blending into each other are fabulous. Looks nice and looks fun! Keep up the hard play!

  16. I think you are really recovering from VF. You are so full of creativity — as if you were just waiting to feel better and plunge into poetry, art, etc. You are doing so much fun stuff! Tension begone!

  17. I loved the Vera Stanhope series! I guess I should check and see if Cleeves had published any more since the last one I listened to. I love what you’re doing with your life–the art, the exercise, the writing, the reading. Ah, bliss!

  18. Luanne, it is strange how even though we spend so much more time in the home we still seem to have less time than ever! It’s a conundrum I haven’t been able to fathom as yet! Your new writing project sounds fascinating and the art looks fun. The colours of your background are sumptuous! Have a great time with all your work and activities …may it release all that tension! I know it all too well!

    • Lol it’s so true. I run out of time every day lol. These activities are helping, especially the art journal. I love the lack of rules and how I can paint right over anything ugly! Hope you are doing well.

  19. Sounds like you are feeling better, Luanne. Good to hear!

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