Interview on the Making of the Poem “Scrap”

You might remember my poem “Scrap” that was published last month at Anti-Heroin Chic. Poet and blogger Chris Rice Cooper has published an interview where I discuss the making of the poem–the backstory–on her blog over at blogspot.

Come join the fun!



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44 responses to “Interview on the Making of the Poem “Scrap”

  1. So interesting, Luanne. Thank you for sharing!

  2. This is so poignant and weighted.

  3. I loved reading all of this. Memoir writing isn’t as easy as one would think. I’m hoping yours will be done soon enough for me to read. I’m already very curious. Thanks for doing the interview, Luanne.

    • Thanks, Marlene. Oh , that memoir. So many years and thousands of words. A week ago I start rewriting from the first page lol. We will see what happens lol.

  4. Nice interview, Luanne. I have a similar process! I really like using the yellow lined tablets until there is so much crossed out that I cannot easily read the lines any more, and then I switch to the computer. Loved reading more about your dad.

  5. Amy

    Great interview, Luanne. I never realized just how much time and effort go into writing one poem. And the poem itself is very powerful. I hope someday you publish the memoir that tells more about your father.

    • Oh, yes, a poem is a very finely-tuned little creature. I like the revision process, which is probably why long-form prose is so daunting for me. Way too much effort to revise and revise all those words :). I hope I can get a memoir shape that will work so that I can publish it. Right now I am trying out prose poems.

  6. I left my comment on the Anti-Heroin Chic page. Wonderful poem, Luanne. Precise wording takes us right into that scrappy world.

  7. Heading over to join the fun!

  8. Yes, I remember “Scrap,” a very powerful poem. The interview of how it came into being was fascinating. I, too, find paper very limiting.

    • Wow, you are the first writer I’ve heard say they feel that same way about paper limiting them. Even in working on my art journal I don’t find myself wanting to write much. A few words here and there, but mostly art. Because otherwise why not write on the screen hah?! Thank you re “Scrap.”

      • You’re welcome re “Scrap.” Being able to compose on the computer has completely changed the way I write because it allows me to keep up with my thoughts, whereas paper leaves me with a scrawled, illegible mess in very short order, and I can’t go any further.

  9. Bravo, Luanne – loved the interview!
    Your 2021 is off to a great start!! Onward.

  10. Luanne, a wonderful iin-depth interview by Chris and the energy between you both is powerful. Wow! Twelve years in writing the poem, and I can relate to this! A lot of work but well worth the wait! The lines quoted here are incredible, you have a gift for poetry!

    • Oh, thank you so much. That makes me so happy.
      12 years. I know, ridiculous, really, but it’s not just the writing but the processing of experience, I guess. And then the wanting to get it just right. So glad I am not the only one!!!!

  11. Wow! Great interview 😜🙂
    Congrats! Bravo👏

  12. What a fun interview! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Fascinating! Good of you to share this peek into your ‘process’… Is it the same angst you go through with every poem, although to different degrees? I suppose it depends on how much the work touches your emotional core.

    BTW I noticed you have *two* cat trees – and then read that you have *6* kitties! I had forgotten that!! Wow! Makes me really admire you – doing the work i do (cleaning kit litter poop, feeding, etc.)… Hey, I just realized that all we do is shovel stuff in their front and then shovel it up when it comes out the other end! 😂😜

    • LOL!!!! I have been doing a lot of that stuff lately with these guys. They all have different needs. They do take up quite a bit of time, I must say. Yes, two cat trees in the kitchen/eating area. That’s because five of the kitties all hang out here.
      Scrap, the memoir project has been SO difficult, so the poem was also difficult although not as much. I do not go through as much for every poem. Some poems come out almost whole and others need tinkering with for a few days. Others take longer.

      • Understood.
        BTW when I wrote my memoir, “Surviving Hollywood North,” about working in film in the ’90s, I had to relive everything. It was exhausting! Good thing I had kept thorough notes, though, and mostly on computer.

  14. This was a very interesting and enjoyable interview with Chris. Luanne, I admire your dedication and persistence. I am amazed at how much effort, thought and time went into your poem.
    Wonderful photos. I see your resemblance to your grandmother, Marie Klein. <3

    • Aw, thank you on all counts, Carol! That was a particularly difficult poem. But then the whole project of telling the story of my father and his family and my relationship with my father has been SO difficult. It’s finding the structure to put it in. So a poem ended up being ONE way to do so.

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