A Message from Perry

Perry wanted to send a message today.

Thinking of reading this book as the title attracts me. What do you think?


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55 responses to “A Message from Perry

  1. I’ll let you read it, and you can let us know. 😏
    Hi, Perry. Ricky the Cat is snuggling on me now–I’m in my fuzzy, comfy bathrobe.

  2. Hi, Perry. It’s good to meet you! I just read the blurb for The Art of Recklessness on Gray Wolf’s site. I vote yes for reading it.

  3. You are a sweet thing! I bet you can get into trouble though. Yes for the book!

  4. You are the cutest, Perry. I vote yes.

  5. Perry, you are quite meowfully convincing.

  6. Intriguing book.

  7. Neat technology. I don’t know the book

  8. Perry, you are adorable ❀️
    Why thanking you for your advice reading that book 🐱

  9. Gotta love that Perry! Plus he’s gorgeous…
    Book looks intriguing.

    • The book is hard! I set it aside for now. It’s sitting on the coffee table . . . . Perry is such a personality. I think you can even see that by his looks. Those eyes!!!

  10. A lovely message from Perry! And I vote yes for the book, we need a little of the right kind of recklessness in our lives right now πŸ™‚

    • The book is too reckless right now. It’s so academic and difficult. This pandemic has made me intolerant of anything that I can’t sink my teeth into right away. So we will see. Re Perry: he is a little conceited, but he’s young and handsome and lovable, so why not?!

  11. I love it, Luanne. Perry is the sweetest. He’s so lucky you adopted him. Now he’s giving back.

    • He gives back a LOT. He’s such a hugger and cuddler. Of course, he’s also the biggest pain in the neck! All day long either the gardener or I are yelling, “Perry!”

  12. It’s a great book! I love that series. I love Perry, too. ❀️

    • This book is so hard for my mushy quarantine brain. I set it aside to finish a library book that was running out of time.
      Perry is such a cool little guy!!!

  13. Aw, Perry, you adorable baby! You are the best. The book looks quite interesting too.

  14. How did you do that??? So adorable. Glad Perry is doing so well and hope the others are too. Let me know if you like that book!

  15. How could I not fall for your cat – a Perry after all and most articulate even! πŸ˜€ My friend sent me one of these with her cat the other day but it took quite a bit of doing!

    I love the title of the book and wholeheartedly agree with Andrea – recklessness of the poetic kind sounds most intriguing. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it, Luanne!

    • Ask your friend if she’s using MyTalkingPet. It’s super easy. They line up all the points of movement so well and it takes very little adjustment. Perry is such a Perry :)! hahaha
      I have to admit that I have set the book down on my coffee table now. There it sits. For a week. hahaha Very difficult prose in pandemic times.

  16. Loving and laughing @ Perry!! So cute!! πŸ˜€ Also love the book title!!

  17. Perry is a beautiful cat, Luanne. πŸ™‚

  18. Hey, Perry, so good to hear from you! You sound as cute as you look πŸ™‚ I think Raji, our newest and youngest member of the feline family, has a lot in common with you … lol.

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