MaryGold Emerges from Her Nest/Rest

I don’t know why, but there are always a handful of things I’ve misplaced. They are rarely items needed for everyday life.  When I find one, I soon find I am missing something else.

One of the items I’ve been missing for a couple of years has been MaryGold, the doll on the cover of Doll God.

How long has she been missing? I believe she was lost, then found, then lost again. Here is a post from December 2015 where I mention her disappearance and the discovery of her sister, Pinkie: On the Trail of MaryGold

Well, she’s found again! I discovered her in tissue paper inside a box in a dresser drawer in the guest room. She’s been so quiet!

I really enjoyed taking her on adventures. She doesn’t look bad for a girl who has been up to so much, including lying in a tidepool for her photographer, my daughter. I hope I don’t lose her again. If not, I’ll probably discover another missing object. (Does everyone do this or am I the only person who always has to be missing a few items?)

In honor of MaryGold’s reappearance, I’m offering Doll God for $7 each which includes shipping (if it’s in the continental United States only) through October 2021. The list price is $14 at Kelsay Books. Yesterday it was over $52 on Amazon (good grief). I’ll sign the book and address it to whomever you like. Be SURE to write in $7 so it doesn’t charge you $10 by mistake!

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Doll God

Luanne’s prize-winning full-length poetry collection. List price $14. Sale price of $7 includes shipping to addresses in the continental United States only.


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46 responses to “MaryGold Emerges from Her Nest/Rest

  1. It’s always good to find missing things. It’s like Christmas!

  2. I agree with Kate. It is fun to find things like that! 😀

  3. Rejoicing with you!

  4. Things always go missing around here. I’ve learned to act like I don’t care that they are missing and sure enough, they turn back up. And yes, then something else goes missing. There are holes in the fabric of the Universe and I know my dearly departed are messing with my mind and hiding them in those holes only to place them in the exact spot I left them again days or even months later. You aren’t going nuts or senile. Someone’s playing with you. 🙂

    • I knew there was an explanation. This has been happening to me for years, and if I let it it really does make me feel crazy. Especially when I find something and another thing goes missing!!!! It’s like an endless game “someone” is having with me!

  5. Just don’t lose your head

  6. That kind of thing goes on in our house from time to time, but we’re not always so lucky as to find these things again.

  7. Now where did I put that? Ha! I know that all too well. Wonderful book and doll:)

  8. Well, isn’t MaryGold the sly minx to be hiding in the guestroom the whole time? I, too, have the misplace-stuff gene.

  9. So glad you found MaryGold … again 😉 She must have felt she was hiatus, probably hanging out at a beach in her dreams, bloomers and all.

    • She probably was. I sure hope so. I had a feeling she was a bit ticked off at me. I can’t remember where I got those bloomers, but they weren’t hers originally. 🙂

  10. Amy

    Beautiful doll! When you found her, did you remember wrapping her up that way? Or did someone else do it?

    I hate “losing” things. Recently I was searching for a cable that connects my computer to something else ( now I can’t remember what or why, of course). I knew I had it, but couldn’t find it. I finally decided I must have thrown it away. I was about to order another, and suddenly it reappeared. Now I don’t remember where I put it. ARGGGH.

  11. What a beautiful doll. Two exquisite dolls actually. Wonderful treasures, and naughty to run off like that!
    Also a generous offer on Doll Gods. One day I’ll make it to Arizona and buy in person 🙂

  12. Usually when something doesn’t turn up around here it is because we have it away thinking we’d never need it – then suddenly we do!

  13. Yeah! Luanne, it’s great you found MaryGold again and she looks beautiful and serene! I’m imaging her teasing you for all the fuss when she was safely tucked away in the guest room! Oh yes, I lose things all the time … or rather I tell my husband the item is ‘in a safe place’! So safe I can’t even get to it!😀

    • She certainly doesn’t look like she’s been in the many outdoor adventures she has been in. She still her white bloomers on, too, although you can’t see them in this pic. She actually has been a little miffed . . . . A safe place!!!! Bahaha, I’ll have to remember that one.

  14. This is why I don’t ever want to say something is “lost.” It just hasn’t been found yet. Wonderful story of beautiful MaryGold, just waiting patiently to be found in the dresser. Never lost, never forgotten, just … resting. 🙂

    • I like that attitude! I am going to think that to myself about my treasure that I am missing. Sigh. I wouldn’t put it past MaryGold to have been teasing me all this time!

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