Find Me at Substack Today . . . and a New Poem at Verse-Virtual

After getting feedback from y’all (I so prefer y’all to the Michigan “you guys” I was brought up with) I probably will start to ease into Wednesday posting at some point. First, though, the blog tour for Rooted and Winged begins. Poetic Blog Tours schedule starts Thursday, September 15 and lasts through October.

Today you can check out my 100 words on writer Amie McGraham’s substack blog Micro Mashup where every post is 100 words. Feel free to comment over at Amie’s site.

Also, the online community literary journal Verse-Virtual has published one of the Rooted and Winged poems about my maternal grandmother here: Thanks to editor Jim Lewis.

If you would like to interview me for Rooted and Winged or have me write a guest post for your blog, please don’t be shy.

Let’s make it a good weekend!


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18 responses to “Find Me at Substack Today . . . and a New Poem at Verse-Virtual

  1. Hi, tiny book! You will soon grow up to be a big book!

  2. Congratulations on poem, interviews, and blog tour, Luanne! (And Rooted and Winged, of course!)

  3. Another fine poem, Luanne. Congrats!

  4. The micro-mashup is a new one on me! I can see that it would be fun to do. Congratuations on the Verse Virtual publication. The last two lines took me by surprise.

  5. Wednesday is a good day. Please explain to me what is Substack and why you [or anyone] is there. I’m aware of it, but I don’t understand it. Is it like Medium, which is also something that I don’t get, really?

    • This is a good question. I think it might be like Medium because both of them can bring money to the blogger, to my understanding. That’s about all I know about both of them. I find it all overwhelming that there are so many platforms, etc.
      Thank you on Wednesday. I agree!

  6. I love your poem in VV!! I and I am looking forward to your poetry book release, (got my copy ordered :D)

  7. Loved the poem at VV. I look forward to the new collection. Congratulations all around!

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