New News and an Anniversary Present

Don’t miss my interview yesterday with poet Millicent Borges Accardi: Millicent talks about the teacher who instilled her love of poetry as a kid. It so happened that the teacher was the daughter of a famous poet. She talks about her Portguguese heritage, both generally and the literature as well.

In January, I had another ekphrastic piece, this time a poem, taken at Visual-Verse. I neglected to mention last time that we only get one hour to write these to the art prompts. It’s a very intense process.

Are you interested in a Giveaway for Rooted and Winged? LibraryThing is running one right now.

Main Street Rag has published my review of Justin Hamm’s Drinking Guinness with the Dead. While I can’t post a copy of the review as it’s a print issue, I can tell you I give it two thumbs up. Hamm’s work is really tied to the Midwest and its vast once-farmland, so while anyone would love it (I think), Midwesterners would especially cherish it.

My daughter’s wedding was a year ago this coming Sunday. So look what I made for daughter and son-in-law. A wedding junk journal.

I had to find this nifty little suitcase after I realized that with the fragility of the book (cuz junk) and their lifestyle the book wouldn’t last long without protection. I was able to add in their wooden ring boxes, little place cards, extra photos, and the napkins from their previous courthouse wedding where we drank blue prosecco and ate cookies. Last year’s wedding was the whole shebang because that’s what they like.

See inside on the left? That’s a little clutch I made out of plastic grocery bags to store the cassettes of their wedding music.

That project was loads of fun, but now I’m about hearted and laced and sweetthinged out.


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27 responses to “New News and an Anniversary Present

  1. Your anniversary present is lovely, Luanne. Thy should be pleased to receive it.

  2. A thoughtful present, Luanne.

  3. You are so talented, Luanne. Is there anything you can’t do? What a thoughtful and original gift for your daughter and her husband. A treasure.

  4. What a beautiful gift!! How thoughtful!

  5. I’d be interested in hearing how the LibraryThing promo works for you in terms of getting reviews. I haven’t had much luck with them. I did better with BookSirens.

  6. Congrats on your poem! And … WOW … what a gift!! So much love went into it and it’s definitely the kind of gift that they’ll enjoy for years and years. (By the way, how did you make a clutch bag out of plastic bags??)

    • Thank you! So you cram a lot of plastic bags into a metal tray, and then you iron it with an iron until you make a plastic sheet that can be folded into a clutch. Then I painted it and made a fastener. Darned if I can remember how I fastened the sides. My memory is not what it used to be.

  7. Beautiful gift, Luanne! I can’t believe their one-year anniversary is coming up…that’s crazy!

    • It seems unbelievable to me. And the courthouse wedding was almost two years ago! They did that because they had to postpone a wedding with guests because of Covid.

  8. Your creativity (and energy) constantly astonishes me, Luanne! What a wonderful anniversary gift. Clever ekphrastic poem.

  9. Good grief, Luanne! Is there no end to your creativity??
    What a lovely present!!! You go!!

  10. Luanne, a precious gift with so much thought and hard work (plus sweetness, heart & lace!) Presents like this are the best and ones that will be treasured!

  11. And life is good. So many blessings to give and receive. Love the journal in the sweet little suitcase. You are a wonderful MIL to think of how your SIL would react.

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