Desert Mountain Landscape: #TankaTuesday

Colleen at Wordcraft poetry suggested this prompt today: to write a syllabic poem about what you see out of your window.

The gardener and I were driving on the freeway in western Arizona yesterday, and I saw something unusual: two sheep were picking their way down the mountainside out in the “middle of nowhere.” So I wrote a tanka in the car.

My tanka topic is Scene Through a Car Window:

A hawk flies above

saguaro-studded mountains

in yellow blossom

as two bighorn sheep descend,

their coronas glinting light.

green cactus plants on mountain
Photo by Justin Nealey on

This image at Pexels looks very similar to where I saw the sheep except that they were walking down a fairly steep mountain. And right now the brittlebush is in full bright yellow bloom. At first I thought they were goats because they were so graceful and agile amidst the shrub and rocks. But their large curved horns seem to indicate that they were bighorn sheep (although slender for bighorns).

I read another review for my Red Riding Hood chapbook Our Wolves:


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32 responses to “Desert Mountain Landscape: #TankaTuesday

  1. What a lovely tanka, Luanne! You certainly capture beauty and movement in the desert.
    Plus it’s pleasing to see so many well-deserved raves for your chapbook, “Our Wolves.” 🐺

  2. Incredible tanka Luanne! 🙂 i am looking fwd to ur poetry book as well

  3. This scene looks so similar to where we lived in Arizona, Luanne. You captured the beauty of the area with perfect details. I only saw bighorn sheep in Montana. What a sight! 💜

  4. Great poem! Always love when I see rate animals.

  5. I love your through a car window tanka! (I’ve been writing through a car window haiku). Congratulations on your Bookish review!

  6. Oh, bighorn sheep sightings are such a treat! You’ve written a delightful tanka about it.

  7. A memorable moment beautifully depicted

  8. Such a wonderful sight and beautifully captured, Luanne.

  9. Your pictures takes me back to my visit to Arizona this past summer! <3 Your tanka is fantastic! Well done, Luanne!

    Yvette M Calleiro 🙂

  10. So full of light!

  11. How lovely to see unexpected treasure!
    Lovely tanka

  12. Wow! I love your poem! You certainly captured a beautiful view through your car window!!!

  13. Photography and poetry are so much about being in the right place at the right time. This came together very well, Luanne.

  14. What a fabulous description of your view.

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