Another Meaningful Moment

At the end of the week I travelled to Los Angeles to visit my daughter.  She had surgery on an ovary on Friday (all went well), and I stayed this weekend to take care of her.  My small stone for Friday is of a personal nature because it took place at the medical center.  But yesterday I shopped and cooked for her, and my small stone turned out to take place during the cooking.

She owns a cookbook by Giada De Laurentiis called Everyday Pasta.  I made Rotini with Salmon and Roasted Garlic for dinner.  I added steamed asparagus cut into two-inch pieces.  It didn’t last long and was the first real food my daughter could eat.

After dinner I made Baked Penne with Roasted Vegetables (see photo above), and it was also a big hit.

Here is my small stone:

Inside the onion are circles inside circles.  Halving the zucchini, I notice the small seeds which lie dormant.  The mushroom caps plump like ovaries. Even the peas are small spheres into themselves.

After the penne dish, I made devilled eggs.


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12 responses to “Another Meaningful Moment

  1. This looks awesome Luanne, all the best in your recovery (and your daughters)!

  2. Wishing Marisha a swift and complete recovery. And thanks for insights re: veggie circles,spheres, and seeds. And I want some of that casserole.

  3. I’m hungry just reading and looking at your picture. Surely this will help with recovery.

  4. Looks yummy…..

  5. Feel free to come cook those dishes for me any time 🙂

  6. Oh, gosh, Luann, you have had so much to contend with here of late! I am sending kind thoughts your way. Sometimes cooking things for people who are sick or otherwise hurting really makes me feel better, as if I did something concrete to help them when they don’t have time or energy to cook, or just because it will comfort them to have someone take care of them for a moment. Just delivered a pan of macaroni and cheese with brownies for dessert to a friend yesterday who’s been sick for a couple of weeks. It made us both feel good.

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