What Inspires My Poems

Is it annoying if I admit that I’m really enjoying reading the reviews of Doll God ? All but one have been highly positive (5 stars on Amazon and 5 stars with a 4 star on Goodreads, as well as written reviews).

Here are two blog tour reviews from the end of last week:

Harvee Lau at Book Dilettante is fascinated by the dolls in the book. I love her reading of the poem “Caught.”  She shares the poem in the review. Check it out :).

Randi at Bell Book and Candle Blog says Doll God is “an outstanding collection of poems.”

Today I have a guest post up at Peeking Between the Pages

 about my poetic inspiration. I’d be tickled if you go check it out.

MaryGold enjoying the Arizona weather

UPDATE:  A review of Doll God is up at Peeking Between the Pages.


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38 responses to “What Inspires My Poems

  1. I don’t find it annoying – I’m delighted for you! You worked very hard to bring that book to press, and you’ve earned the right to be happy when folks say they like it. Furthermore, by sharing your process with us, you pass on platform and promotion ideas we might be able to use when our own books come out. So you’re actually doing a public service. 😉

    • Jennifer, I love that! Yes, I can tell you that once I’m a little farther into this I intend to post more about the process and what worked and what didn’t. Thank you so much!

  2. Of course it’s not annoying, Luanne! Enjoy the limelight! It’s well deserved.

  3. It’s not annoying, it’s inspiring for the rest of us!

  4. Are you kidding? i’d be burning up the wi-fi enjoying those reviews. You’ve given us so much pleasure and helpful lessons; now you’re receiving that in return! I’ll let you know when I add my review at Amazon. I’m purposely not rushing from one poem to the next 😋

  5. I absolutely loved reading about your poetic inspiration at Peeking Between The pages. You are such a lovely writer. 🙂

  6. Nothing wrong with reading good reviews and feeling rewarded for all the hard work you did in writing this book. Enjoy!

  7. What everyone else has said…enjoy it, you deserve it 🙂 xoxo

  8. Of course it’s not annoying, it is well-deserved! Enjoy all those positive reviews.

  9. You should revel in those reviews!

  10. I enjoyed reading about your writing inspirations and the beautiful picture of you.

  11. I believe others have already mentioned it’s not annoying – far be it from me to be redundant! Congrats on the praise – nice to know the work pays off!

    • Shel, that is how I am taking it–that it’s a reward for years and years of work. It’s been a loooong haul! Thank you so much for your support!

  12. Luanne, thank you for sharing these reviews!

  13. i’m happy for your good reviews. Enjoy! <3

  14. I went on over and enjoyed your interview and really hope you liked my expressing my respect for your talent, there! You are so open in letting us know how you process your writing and share your honest feelings. It is ‘easy’ to become close and feel connected to you. I honestly believe you will become a renowned and respected American writer in history. You are incredible and have a ‘beautiful mind,’ Luanne!

  15. I am so happy your book is getting all these wonderful reviews. I’m looking forward to reading it too, it’s on my list.

  16. Congratulations, Luanne. Confirmation and validation is what all of us artists need. So few receive reviews. When I got my first major review, I was at a dude ranch at the time. I told “my” horse, I was so excited. Enjoy!

    • What a vivid scene I see here of you telling “your” horse about the review your work got! I love it. Horses make great confidantes!!!

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