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What Inspires My Poems

Is it annoying if I admit that I’m really enjoying reading the reviews of Doll God ? All but one have been highly positive (5 stars on Amazon and 5 stars with a 4 star on Goodreads, as well as written reviews).

Here are two blog tour reviews from the end of last week:

Harvee Lau at Book Dilettante is fascinated by the dolls in the book. I love her reading of the poem “Caught.”  She shares the poem in the review. Check it out :).

Randi at Bell Book and Candle Blog says Doll God is “an outstanding collection of poems.”

Today I have a guest post up at Peeking Between the Pages

 about my poetic inspiration. I’d be tickled if you go check it out.

MaryGold enjoying the Arizona weather

UPDATE:  A review of Doll God is up at Peeking Between the Pages.


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