The Gift of Doll God – Ellen Morris Prewitt

I wish I could figure out a way to reblog Ellen Morris Prewitt’s beautifully written and heartfelt review of Doll God. But I could not figure it out.

The Press This function is supposed to pick up part of the post, but of course it only shares the link. But here it is: a story of Ellen, dolls, poetry, and Doll God.

CLICK THERE—->The Gift of Doll God – Ellen Morris Prewitt.

Thank you, Ellen!

Please check out Ellen’s fabulous writing, accessible by her website. Bonus: she’s hilarious–and you can see that even by the review quotes she posts: from an internet stranger and from her mother. That’s the kind of sneaky humor you get by reading and listening to Ellen’s stories.


Dad is chomping at the bit at the short-term care nursing home. He doesn’t like that they won’t let him move around by himself. I told him he’s like me–doesn’t want to follow institutional rules. He said that is true. Of course, it’s more than that. He’s in an extremely frustrating position. But I like to cheer him up by joking with him.

The kitties were great last night and say hi to everyone!Nakana

Nakana is my new favorite! She loves petting!




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29 responses to “The Gift of Doll God – Ellen Morris Prewitt

  1. What a fantastic review Luanne, anyone reading that would run not walk to Amazon! And I can see what you mean about Ellen’s writing, it really is fabulous 🙂 Nakana is adorable, look at those beautiful green eyes! He reminds me a little of my Eddie, so of course I’m a little biased 😉 I can fully understand how your dad feels but good to know that your humour lifts his spirits. How could it not 😉 xo

    • Ellen is great. I hope people who don’t already will follow her blog. She does fabulous work with homeless people, too. Aw, I know what you mean–Nakana reminds me of my Pear Blosson. I am seriously falling in love with that cat. Thinking about Nakana too much . . . . Have a wonderful weekend, Sherri xo!

      • Yes, I need to go over there and read more. Trying like mad to work on my memoir. Luanne, I have a question. Is it ok to have a couple of small excerpts and my memoir blurb on my blog if I intend to try and publish traditionally? And as for Nakana, yes I can see why… watch out 🙂 Had a lovely weekend, thanks, and hope you did too and a good week ahead. I hope to get the 333 challenge out on Friday, if not before 🙂 xoxo

  2. Excellent review!

    • I know–I am so grateful to Ellen. Be sure to check out her writing. She’s such a wonderful writer and humorist and gives a lot of comfort to homeless people in her city.

  3. What a beautiful review from Ellen Morris Prewitt. Also great news that your dad is feeling well enough to be so feisty.

  4. It is one of the best parts of our blogging community – the connections, support and introductions to each other. I love that indie authors are willing (nay, compelled by stellar works) to review each other.

    Got any ‘long distance games’ you can play with Dad to give him a distraction? Of course there are plenty online, but if not, I have some ideas that I used with my Dad during cancer treatment. Let me know 😊

    • Sammy, you said it! When I started blogging I had absolutely no idea it would be like this. Escaping here from my work life is like going out to the playground and hanging with the peeps!
      I’d love to know long distance games for my father. He loves games so much that it would be good for him. Do you have my email?

  5. What a great review, Luanne! Congrats on your success.
    Laughter does help. Sending positive thoughts to your Dad. xo

    • Thanks, Rudri. My father’s caregivers are having a meeting on Tuesday to see if he can get sprung or not. He’s trying to get each one of them to vote for him ;). hah

  6. All sounds good. You could have done the very old fashioned cut and paste to put her review in your blog but the link worked too. It’s just that some folks don’t click.

    • Kate, good point about the clicking. I didn’t want to cut and paste because I was hoping people would click through to Ellen’s site and check it out. She’s an amazing writer.

  7. Excellent review, Luanne! I’m so happy you shared it with us. Continued success with Doll God. How’s the memoir coming along?
    I’m happy your father has you to joke around with him. He’s in my prayers. xo

    • Thank you so much for the prayers for Dad, Jill. He’s so frustrated as it’s really unclear if he’ll ever really get back all his strength and energy. The memoir revision is coming along ok. I got an amazing critique from Julia Scheers, which is so helpful to me, and I am trying to revise using her guidance. Thank you for asking!

      • I’m happy to hear the memoir is coming along, Luanne. I’m sorry about your father. Perhaps in time, the therapy will help him regain his strength. My 88 year old aunt was in a rehab facility and then moved to an assisted living, after living independently until she went to rehab. It’s sad to see her decline, but I do notice she perks up a lot when she can get outside of the confining walls.

  8. Luanne that was a beautiful review. I can’t wait to get my copy. 🙂

  9. What a great review!
    I’m glad your dad is doing better and glad, too, that you had a good time with the kittens. 🙂

    • She did a great job, Merril! Kitties, yes, but not so kittens ;). They are all mature cats. So far I haven’t been able to play with little kittens because they get adopted so much faster. I so hope that these guys find good homes soon as it’s hard for them to live at the shelter indefinitely, although so much better than the alternatives!

      • My older daughter and her wife (then girlfriend) adopted mature cats from the shelter. They were brothers, but unfortunately one has died. 🙁 I hope the your guys find good homes!

  10. That’s a wonderful review, I’m so proud to see you getting the attention you deserve. Yay, you!

    • Aw, thank you so much! I am thrilled! It’s really wonderful to feel that poems I worked hard on are being read by others and that they resonate with people.

  11. Really good review. I can understand your dad’s frustration and glad he’s getting better anyway.

    • Thank you! Oh, he is so frustrated. He’s lost a lot of his muscles and at his age, I’m not sure how much he can gain back, but they have to let him walk more! And he’s sitting way too much.

  12. The kitties are always a treat to see, along with your personal notes, Luanne. I feel your writing is excellent and your featuring Ellen’s review is also wonderful. You deserve all this and more, Luanne.
    I wish your father were able to be free of constraints but it is also for his own safety. I am sure he realizes this but it is frustrating to have to get old and have to follow institutional rules.

    • Robin, Dad did say that the reason they stopped letting him walk the hallway without a staff member is because one day he tripped a bit and caught himself. My mother bought him better shoes (his were all too heavy), but now they are being so strict with him. BUT he did just get permission that whenever he wants to walk he can buzz for someone and someone will come and walk with him!! Keeping my fingers crossed that that works out well!

  13. How kind all the comments are about the review. I’m thinking it’s something like the opposite of GIGO—good book in, good review out. And I sympathize with your dad . . . every time I have to go ask my husband to put on my socks and zip up my left shoe, my desire to do for myself kicks in. Soon, I hope.

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