Doll God by Luanne Castle

Menomama3 of Life in a Flash and Wuthering Bites might have been the first person to order Doll God from Amazon. We’re not sure, but suspect so. Now she writes a review of my poetry collection that is as well-written, personal, and completely engaging as her posts are !!!

Ms. Menomama3 also was one of the first bloggers I read when my daughter and I started our adoption blog several years ago. Ms. M and I are both mothers in transracial (and international) adoptive families–her children are from China and mine are from Korea.

Stick around for the rest of her blog, while you’re over there reading the review!

wuthering bites

Chalked on the blackboard of Mr. Black’s grade ten high school English classroom was this quote from Carl Sandberg: Poetry is the synthesis of hyacinths and biscuits. It stayed there for the month or so that we covered poetry, reminding the tryers among us what we had to do to make people go “ahhh”.

Later, in third year-university, Professor Ron Wallace brought all us “excellent” English students to our knees as he taught us how to parse a poem. We weren’t allowed to talk about feelings. No, we had to explain HOW the poet conveyed what she wanted the reader to feel. I learned never to take a word for granted. I learned connotation and denotation. I learned sound and word placement. I learned rhythm and meter and stress. I learned I was a shitty poet and didn’t understand poetry very well after all. It was horribly humbling.

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7 responses to “Doll God by Luanne Castle

  1. I enjoy when people give their teachers and professors, along with their muses, credit for their writing lessons, Luanne. You are so gracious in your ability to remember where and who taught you these lifelong messages which help you in your craft. Your imagination, experiences and creative mind are also very valuable in your poetry and prose.

  2. What a great review. It’s a sort of memoir of a specific reader enjoying your poems. Beautifully done.

  3. I agree with Robin, you’re the most gracious poet I know, Luanne. 🙂 This is a terrific review. Thank you for sharing it with us. xo

  4. How I loved reading this! I’m not a masterful poet like you are, but I like to dabble in it, and I like how it makes me feel, and how poetry helps me express so many emotions. You are inspiring me!!!

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