Book reminiscing: Doll God by Luanne Castle

To celebrate this charming and personal review of Doll God by Robin at her blog, I am offering for one last time a donation event to receive a free copy.
For one lil ole donation of a minimum of $10 to Home Fur Good no-kill animal shelter in Phoenix, you will receive a signed copy of my book and a cat or elephant charm with free shipping (and tax write-off from the shelter).
My book is valued at $14 and the charm at $5, plus I am picking up the shipping myself. All I am asking is that you donate a minimum of $10 (for shipping to US address!!! (For international, please email me to discuss shipping costs). Feel free to donate more if you can, but only one package deal per person, please.
CLICK HERE TO DONATE: Home Fur Good donations

Go here for full details including how to email me the information.


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5 responses to “Book reminiscing: Doll God by Luanne Castle

  1. Robin wrote such a sweet and thoughtful review.

  2. Thank you, Luanne! I almost pre-submitted it to you directly just in case we made a mistake in interpretation. Then, I decided: “Honestly we tried, so hope she likes this.” 😀
    I appreciate how much a gift you gave me, also see you offering this generous gift again. I hope your offer gets another large donation and some more beautiful books, “Doll God,” circulating around the world. Hugs, Robin

  3. I loved Robin’s review of Doll God, Luanne. She nails it, I think – the tensions, the connections of themes, the sheer beauty of the images…right on. A must-read for any thinking reader.

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