It’s Old Hat

It took me a week to respond to comments on last week’s post. What a slacker!  I’m so sorry! Mom is here, though,

Oh, look at that hummingbird out the window flitting from yellow blossom to yellow blossom (on some sort of tree or huge bush we have), drinking out of each little cup :).

Is it worse to interrupt oneself or someone else?

Anyway, Mom is here, and I am trying to keep up with her. Thanksgiving coming up and then her birthday party a few days later.

Saturday night we attended a bat mitzvah shindig. Second best part was the martini bar.

They offered lemondrop, cosmo, gin, and one other kind–vodka ones? The chocolate fountain wasn’t bad either.

The best part of the night was I found myself a new OLD HAT. If you recall I was in love with that fishing hat I got in New Orleans and lost in Tampa. I first wrote about it here: A Tip O My Hat.

When  the DJ started the music, he turned on all manner of flashing lights. Ms. Complicated Migraine here can’t tolerate those. I asked the event planner if she had a hat with brim I could wear. She pulled one off the costume stand for me.


Later they said it looked so good–so RIGHT–on me that I could keep it. Hahahaha. If you want to see it on me, I may or may not post a pic on my Instagram account (catpoems).



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54 responses to “It’s Old Hat

  1. So happy about the hat. You wear them well. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday to Mom.

  2. Love it! Too much fun! Looking forward to the picture of you in the hat…Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the time with your mom over this holiday season.

  3. The chocolate fountain sounds good to me, but congrats on the hat. 😉
    Enjoy the visit with your mom and Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Enjoy the time with mom and the interruptions of the hummingbird!

  5. The hat looks like one that would be perfect for you!
    What fun to have a martini bar to sample!! Very festive!!
    Pretty and I were at a birthday dinner Saturday night, and I ordered a prickly pear martini. Delicious…but definitely had to sip.

  6. I’ll bet you look great in the hat. Happy Thanksgiving. Luanne.

  7. Flashing lights bother my eyes. I know it makes the occasion festive but I wish they wouldn’t do that. Glad the drinks were great! Love the hat.

    • I agree. A man at our table has epilepsy! It’s the WORST for epileptics. I think a DJ who uses them should put up a warning ahead of time–or maybe even invites should say so because if warned I can wear an appropriate hate and sunglasses. Haha, thanks!

  8. Wasn’t buying the apology until “Mom is here”

  9. I think you’re just a hat person. You’d look great in any hat, Luanne.

  10. Great hat! Enjoy your time with your mother, Luanne.

  11. Sounds like a fun time you’re having with family. I’m sure that hat does suit you well. Happy Thanksgiving, Luanne!

  12. Wow, Luanne, you are in for some fun after already having some fun. Lucky you! That martini bar! I hope you have a wonderful visit with your mom, and I hope her birthday will be wonderful. xo

  13. Sounds like a fun time at the Mitzvah. 😉 I’m with you on the hat. I love what they brought you. I have to wear one for similar reasons. I would topple over from dizziness at the flashing lights. Riding in a car at night is an eye closed experience. Happy birthday to your mom and Happy Thanksgiving to you both, Luanne. We are going to be 4 single ladies here and keeping it simple. Lots of gratitude and food though.

    • See, I think there are a lot of us who can’t handle the lights. I’m pretty sure the man with epilepsy who was at my table and his wife left right away. They disappeared from our table, at least. Yes, night is awful. And now they have these huge flashing billboards in Phoenix and the back of the buses flash like that, too!!!!!!
      Oh, your thanksgiving sounds like it will be marvelous! ENJOY!!!!!

  14. A chocolate fountain, martini bar and a new (old) floppy hat all in one night?! Perfect.

  15. Wonderful! How fun!
    I couldn’t see the hummingbird and am now sad. LOL

  16. What a great hat and how nice that they gave it to you! A martini bar sounds like my kind of bar 😉 (I prefer gin martinis, dry with olives, in case you have a need to know.) Have a wonderful holiday with your mom and family. Happy Birthday to your mom, too!

  17. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and your mom’s birthday Luanne. Great hat!

  18. You scored a hat at a party! That’s so cool. I think that might beat my grocery store hats 🙂

  19. I think that hat would look terrific on you! 🙂

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