Join Me for #thesealeychallenge!!!

Are you ready for the challenge of your life? How about reading a poetry book a day for this entire month (August)? Before you get too overwhelmed, let me explain. Chapbooks count. If you read a Collected Works book, you can count it as as many books as are collected within. You can read the old guys, the classics of the 20th century, or contemporary poetry–or any combination. You can reread books that you really want to read again. Then, if you want to, share somewhere: image, title, whatever you want to share. On your blog, your social media, or keep a log for yourself.

This is the first year I am participating in #thesealeychallenge. Here is a little info about it and an interview of founder Nicole Sealey: The Rumpus on #thesealeychallenge

The way I chose my books was to grab a lot of poetry books from my shelf that I have not yet read! But I could do it through the library on my Kindle, if I chose.

Are you up to joining me? I’d love to follow your progress!!! And come follow mine:  Luanne’s #thesealeychallenge on Instagram at CATPOEMS and Twitter at WRITERSITETWEET.


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14 responses to “Join Me for #thesealeychallenge!!!

  1. Best wishes, Luanne. You are taking on an impressive challenge. Well done.

  2. Luanne, I believe you will successfully meet this challenge. The only challenge I seem to be participating in right now is the Procrastinator Challenge (I just made that up because … well … I’m procrastinating).

  3. This sounds like a great challenge. Good luck with it! <3

  4. I’m still extricating myself from my day job. Will you be issuing the challenge again?

  5. An amazing venture, Luanne! It sounds like an enjoyable way to spend a month. 🙂

    • It’s crazy, Carla, but it’s keeping me from thinking about my kitties too much. Not sure I can keep it up all month, but at least half the month I will.

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