Anti-Heroin Chic Publishes Review of Rooted and Winged by Elizabeth Gauffreau

So excited to see such a beautiful review of Rooted and Winged by Elizabeth Gauffreau in the new issue of Anti-Heroin Chic. A big thank you also to editor James Diaz.

You can find the review here:

See below image for update on Perry.

Perry’s ultrasound showed that he definitely has either IBD or lymphoma. Our decision was narrowed down to starting steroids or having investigative surgery. A complication is that he has recently developed a heart murmur so nothing can be done (except food change nightmare) until after his echocardiogram which is after Christmas! If you are a praying person, please put us on your list. Or send healing vibes or demands to the universe that this is IBD and that the steroids will make him well!


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38 responses to “Anti-Heroin Chic Publishes Review of Rooted and Winged by Elizabeth Gauffreau

  1. Congratulations on writing such a thought-provoking collection, Luanne!

  2. I meant to add that I am sending healing vibes to the universe on Perry’s behalf!

  3. Congratulations on the review, Luanne. I’m sending all the vibes I can for Perry.

  4. congrats on the review. Hugs to Perry and you. Hoping for the best possible outcome.

  5. Amy

    You and Perry are in my thoughts. I hope it’s IBD and treatable.

    • Thank you so much, Amy. With the steroids, he should get better with either disease. But with lymphoma it will be a remission that will be temporary. So only time will tell. We have until his echo to decide for sure on the surgery. At this point, we’re leaning against it as a cruel way to get just a little more time.

  6. I know I look forward to reading mine!

  7. What a thoughtful, beautiful review by Liz! Congratulations, Luanne.
    I have a poem in this issue!

    I hope dear Perry will be OK. Sending out healing vibes to him and hugs to you. đź’™

  8. I’m so sorry about Perry.

  9. What a fabulous, and insightful review. Just what you deserve, Luanne. I do hope for the best possible outcome for Perry!

  10. That’s an intelligent and insightful review. Congratulations to both you and Liz. And I’m sending healing vibes to the soulful Perry.

  11. Congratulations on the review. I wish Perry well

  12. I’m praying for Perry!

  13. If only my mother were still here – she considered herself to be a “Prayer Warrior.” She would have prayed for Perry on her daily list which always included me. Alas, you are stuck with me who is not so diligent but promises to think of you all every day regardless. Let’s hope Perry responds well to meds!

  14. Great review, Luanne! So glad I got to see you and to meet Perry in person! How is he doing this week? This is my first log-on to WordPress in so long! Catching up. Many prayers.

    • Perry is trying to cause all kinds of trouble with the other cats, so he seems fine (but his diarrhea is worse). Thank you for the prayers, Carla, and back atcha, too. XO

  15. You and Perry are in my thoughts and prayers, Luanne.

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