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I had fun reading my poetry via zoom through the Well-Versed Words program, hosted by poet Alison Hurwitz. There was time to read quite a few poems from Rooted and Winged, as well as two from Our Wolves and to yak a bit about the poetry. Having to talk about my poetry taught me things about my poetry and my life. Alison is an excellent moderator and offers a reading every month. Check out her website at https://www.alisonhurwitz.com/events.

The video is 48 minutes long (eeks). It has the name of the wonderful moderator, Alison Hurwitz at the beginning, but you are in the correct video. And of course you can skip around if you want to check it out! As for me, no way can I watch it and see myself and listen to my voice hahaha.


My leg has been diagnosed as an inside meniscus tear and arthritis of the kneecap exacerbated by my primary lymphedema. Surgery is a very very last resort because of the lymphedema. Going to see a PA in sports medicine this week. Long waits for actual doctors. I hope to be able to travel because I have plans to see my mother in Michigan this month. I will be traveling with my daughter while the gardener stays home with the kitties. Yes, I’ve booked a wheelchair at the airport! If you’ve read my blog very long you know there is always a new physical problem ;).

A spot of good news. My son got my sewing machine fixed. It’s been broken for about 15 years. I want to use it for journaling, and now I just have to remember how it works. You would think that the granddaughter of the Head Fitter at The 28 Shop (couture at Marshall Field) would be a natural at sewing. But it was my cousin Leah who inherited some of that talent. Sadly, Leah has now been gone for twenty years.


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  1. Looking forward to the sewing chronicles! Happy travels and Take care, Luann

  2. Glad to here your reading went well. I would also hate to watch myself after! I’m doing another Zoom presentation tomorrow.

    Sewing now? Well, there is no end to your talents!

  3. I wonder if some kind if gel injection could help your knee. I had a full replacement but know they have made big improvements in th injection area.

  4. I hope your surgery will go well, Luanne. My knee of the lymphedema leg hurts because the join is narrowing. The doctor didn’t say anything about surgery or knee replacement yet.

    My sewing machine stopped working last year. It’s an old Singer I bought in early 80s. I was supposed to clean it every so often but never did. I have to follow the direction to take it apart to clean it. How wonderful your son fixed your for you.

  5. Congratulations again on a very enjoyable poetry reading and yak! I hope the sports medicine PA can give you a good treatment plan to avoid surgery.

  6. I hope you’re able to get some relief and avoid surgery, Luanne. Knowing you, you’ll crawl to see your mother! Take care of yourself.❤️

  7. Congratulations on your reading, and I hope you’re able to get some relief and treatment.
    I’m trying to remember what happened to my mom’s old sewing machine.

  8. Hope your knee doesn’t affect your trip. It’s always something!

  9. Amy

    I really enjoyed the poetry reading, and I sure hope your knee improves soon.

  10. Thank you for sharing the video link. I hope to view it soon since I wasn’t able to view it live 🙂 So sorry to hear about your knee. I think I have a meniscus tear in my left knee. My symptoms all point to that, but all an MRI could show was a “definite maybe.” I hope the PA helps. I’ve had physical therapy for my knee, which helped, but I’m not good about maintaining a routine. However, I had a cortisone shot for my knee about a month ago, and it’s taken the edge off. Not 100% better but any better is better than no better 😉 Yay, your sewing machine is fixed! I’m sure you’ll master it in time, at least well enough to work on your junk journals. I used to be a more competent sewer but I think it’s one of those skills you have to keep oiled otherwise … . Every few months, I reintroduce myself to my sewing machine. It’s a fancy one which makes me miss my old-timey Singer so much 😉

  11. Meniscus tear ….ouch! I hope you can still travel!
    Good news regarding the sewing machine, however.

  12. “Having to talk about my poetry taught me things about my poetry and my life.” So true. I always admire folks who handle interviews so well, the wisdom they impart about their writing. Now I can add you to the list! And keeping my fingers crossed for the knee, the trip, the kitties, and that it all rolls out well.

    • Thank you. I appreciate it. It’s really the whole leg with many issues converging, but I am still going because Mom moves into an apartment in the retirement community (from her duplex there) the week after!

  13. Oh, Luanne…I want to hear your whole video this week, but it’s been such a crazy two weeks I need to carve out the time to really listen to it! Can’t wait!
    So sorry for your torn meniscus and arthritic knee. Terrible.
    Arthritis sucks the big one. It’s a journey.

    • Just got back from Michigan. My brother is hobbling around on 2 bad knees. My aunt’s unreplaced knee is causing havoc. Sign of the times, I guess. Mine isn’t all that bad but made worse by my primary lymphedema, I think. But I had a great time seeing all the relatives! Perry didn’t eat much while I was gone though 🙁

      • Yes, the bad knees are a menace. Seems like a favorite spot for arthritis. Bummer.
        Be thankful you could go!
        I think Perry’s appetite will rebound now that his home is together again.

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