Robbie Cheadle’s Guest on Treasuring Poetry

I’m excited to be author and blogger Robbie Cheadle’s May guest for her monthly Treasuring Poetry article on Writing to be Read. She had some wonderful questions for me about writing, and I enjoyed answering them! You can find the publication here: Robbie has also posted a beautiful review of both Rooted and Winged and Our Wolves.

With son and DIL living here, we have their dog Theo here as well. He’s such a little goofy guy, and I get to let him out when his mom and dad are both gone for three hours or more. I can’t physically handle walking him on a leash, although in a pinch I can take him on the driveway on a leash because he’s very good for me. But I like to let him roam the backyard, which is fenced. He’s very loved and what’s rewarding for me is that he loves his Grandma! In his photo you can see a very typical expression he gets on his face as he is always trying to figure out what’s going on.


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35 responses to “Robbie Cheadle’s Guest on Treasuring Poetry

  1. He seems to be a very deep thinker.❤️

  2. You have a houseful!

    • Yes, we sure do. Theo and Perry do not get along any more however. Good thing we got that gate! Theo seems to fear males of any species so he growls which can set off the other dog/cat/human. Perry is scared of him, and Perry is always wary of dogs anyway, probably from his days on the streets. My daughter’s dog, on the other hand, is completely non-threatening and Perry ignores her running everywhere through the house.

  3. He’s a cutie!!!

  4. Theo is too adorable!! Hint: most dogs are happy to roam a fenced yard so you can still win Best Grandmother!
    You should also win Most Amazing Poetry Ambassador!
    Good for you for your passion and perseverance in pursuit of what you love…

    • Thank you, Sheila, about your last comments :). And thank you about Theo. Haha, yes, he is so funny. We have a pool, and a long time ago he of course fell in, so his mom and dad were worried he might do it again. But he is too smart now to get too close to the water. And I watch him carefully.

      • A very long time ago Pretty and I had a little Westie named Sassy. When she got very old, she fell in our pool and I jumped in to save her. The problem was, as you probably remember, I can’t swim. Pretty had to jump in and save us both. End of story.
        Theo is smart to learn his lesson. Such a cutie.

        • That sounds like such a scary thing to have happen. You all must have been terrified! I don’t blame you for jumping in though. Instincts to save your dog! When son and DIL had their old Jack Russell (he passed away almost a year ago at the age of 21+) he would definitely have fallen in the pool. And when he was here he had to be on a leash outside for that reason. We had a pool years ago for a short period of time when the kids were really little. We were having a bday party for son and the kids were noisy. Our dog Oliver slipped UNDER the cover of the pool and would have drowned but for some reason the gardener happened to look over and see the cover moving! It still scares me and Oliver has been gone for a long time now.

  5. Theo looks very intelligent. How do the cats take to him? Heading over to Robbie’s place.

    • Most of the cats like him and two of them used to live with him. But Perry is scared to death of him, and Theo growls at him, so we have to keep them separate. So glad we put up this amazing gate in the middle of the house. It makes things so much easier. All the cats like my daughter’s dog, but she is just one that gets along with everyone.

  6. Who could resist that little doggie face. I’m off to read Robbie’s feature now!

  7. Amy

    What a sweet face! And he looks quite smart. (For a dog. He’s not a cat after all.)

    • For a dog he is very smart. He is also an amazing jumper. He climbs on tables and counters like a cat.

      • Amy

        That could be a problem! We once had a big collie who stood on his hind legs and ate a colander full of cooked pasta when I left the kitchen unattended for a few minutes.

        • Oh no! What happened? Did he get constipated or throw up all over? When we were working on the house in Phoenix and still living in California a friend took care of our little dog while we were in Phoenix. She had 2 big dogs. They used to get into stuff and knock it down for our dog to eat. That’s how he ate a pound of hamburger with styrofoam tray.

          • Amy

            Styrofoam?? That must have made him sick?? Zapper seemed to digest the pasta just fine–it was cooked, no sauce on it yet, so just plain. There were two things that got to his stomach: matzah (whose stomach is immune to that stuff?), which he ate off the floor before we could catch the inevitable crumbs, and fish.

  8. Theo is a cutie! And two reviews in one post! I love all the attention you are getting 🙂 Let Evening Come is one of my favorite poems too … possibly because she mentions knitting (lol).

    • I think of you when I read that poem!!!!!!!!!! And thank you about the reviews and especially about Theo. I’m watching him today :).

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