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Writing Research Right Through Your Vacation

Three years ago today I was enjoying the Santa Monica shoreline on July 4th. Maybe you are having a wonderful vacation over the (American) holiday today.

But writers and bloggers never miss an opportunity to find fodder for writing, so keep your ears and eyes open–and your notebooks and pens ready, too.

According to Robin Hemley, in A Field Guide for Immersion Writing, a travel writer can handle her topic in one of several ways: The Infiltration, The Quest, The Reenactment, The Investigation or Forensic Journey, and The Experiment.

It’s difficult for a tourist to infiltrate a place as if she were a local, but it can be done with a lot of research and hard work. For the quest, plan out what you are going to search for ahead of time.  If you’re vacationing somewhere you have been before, I am sure you can reenact your previous good times without too much trouble ;).  For an investigation you want to be a little more hard-boiled than for a quest.

If you just want to have fun with your leisure time, choose an activity you wouldn’t normally tackle and go “experiment.”

Above all, enjoy yourself and then get back to your writing next week.


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Look What Came in the Mail!

I just got a box from Amazon.  Three new books, and each one recommended by a blogger.  While I will still continue to read books on craft and other memoirs and poetry, these will be my fun summer reading.

Bough Down, by Karen Green, was recommended by Lynne at Free Penny Press. She encouraged me to purchase this hard cover book because of its beauty and because it is a book that “sinks into our heart, bone’s marrow and lodges back in our minds.” Lynne is right that it’s beautiful with its very special illustrations and prose poems.

The Poet’s Wife told me about Bound Feet and Western Dress, by Pang-Mei Chang, when we were discussing bound feet and literature. She found it fascinating, but said that it had mixed reviews. After checking out those mixed reviews myself, I was intrigued enough to add it to my shopping cart.

During the discussion about science after my post How and Why I Don’t Know Science, a lot of bloggers recommended various books and websites to teach me about science. I ended up purchasing Carl Sagan’s Broca’s Brain, which was recommended by one of my readers. I feel terrible that I can’t remember who recommended it. If you are the one and you read this, please let me know so I can give you the credit!  UPDATE:  As I’ve mentioned before, I only revise a post when I have new info to add.  Now I do.  The blogger who recommended the Carl Sagan books was Bay Ridge Writer. I hope you’ll hope on over to his blog and the blogs of the two mentioned above and say hi.

All of the smart bloggers I read contribute to what swirls around inside my brain, much to its betterment. I feel so enriched from reading and discussing in the blogosphere. And that’s a fact.  So thank you, all!


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