Less Than Four Weeks

Over the last week we had company and had fun every day. My best friend from junior high visited with her husband. We had fun here in town and also traveled through mid-Arizona to Arcosanti (Paolo Soleri’s unfinished utopian city), Montezuma Castle (cave dwellings), Sedona, Cottonwood, Jerome, and Prescott.  I got myself beyond-tired, that’s how tired! But what a great time, and we will miss them as they live in Indiana.

In fact, I’m so tired I haven’t prepared any photos for your viewing pleasure. Sigh.

Next day, the floor men and the termite man (yes, all men) came to fix our wood floor that was invaded by a few termites. Luckily, they all turned out to be dead (the termites, not the men, thank goodness), but the work lasted twelve hours–and is not done since they haven’t been able to match the stain color yet.

I received two copies of the new issue of Badlands Literary Journal with my poem “The Stuff of Claustrophobia” in it. You might recall an earlier version from when I did the Tupelo Press 30/30 poetry writing event. It’s based on a news event from Mexico where a young bride is misdiagnosed and mistakenly buried alive. When her husband realizes it, he tries to dig her up before it’s too late.

As far as Kin Types goes, the pre-order period has less than four weeks left. I know this sounds really obnoxious, but if FLP doesn’t get enough pre-orders, the chapbook can’t go to press. So if you are considering purchasing one, please do so now while it counts toward that initial important fact: getting it published.

A huge thank you to those who have already placed your order!

Carla McGill, of Writing Customs,  in her advance review, says there are “surprises and multiple perspectives.” Justin Hamm, editor of the museum of americana says “Kin Types exists at the precise place where literature and history intersect to make something both beautiful and true.” 

Carla’s entire review is available through the pre-order link:




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37 responses to “Less Than Four Weeks

  1. Goodness! I’m exhausted just reading this!

    • Thank you. I hoped to unload some of the exhaustion on you haha! Now I need to go run over and check on Perry at the shelter!

      • Another favorite…

        • I’m starting to get worried that he might be feral. It’s just so hard to know. I want to do the right thing for him. Working on it, but I need to talk to people who know more about feral cats.

          • My cat Hazel was part of a feral litter. She was taken to a shelter at close to 6 months. I adopted her at 9 months. She was never properly socialized but she loves it here. She’s not at all aggressive but she’s not a lap cat either.

            • That is what Tiger is like, although Tiger sleeps with humans. But I can’t pet her without her trying to scratch, hit, or nip me. Unless I grab her in such a way she can’t and kiss her. Then she submits hahahaha. Poor Perry. I just got back from seeing him again. We have to make a decision about whether to seek a place for him as a feral cat (he’s between one and two, so not a kitten) or to foster him here in a big cage. I am a good person to foster him because I am patient and soft-spoken (to cats, not people ;)), but a bad person because of my lymphedema which means that I can’t get bitten or scratched. He is getting more unhappy at the shelter. His ears are flattened and he no longer blinks at me :(. I want to give him a chance in case he’s not feral, but how long is that good for him?

  2. Sounds like you’ve been having fun – always a good thing! Well not the floor exactly, but the other stuff at least 😉

    • Right, definitely not the floor! If I hire someone to match the stain shouldn’t they do all the work on that? I mean, I’m no stain expert. Ugh. Don’t get me started ;).

  3. Funny how laughter and great times can be so exhausting. 🙂
    Very cool cover of Kin Types. Best of luck!

  4. I enjoyed your photos on Facebook, Luanne. It looks like you had a good time with your friend. Friends from our childhood are the best!

  5. It certainly sounds like you’ve been busy. Your trip(s) with your friends sound great. I’m sorry the termites did some damage, but I’m glad it wasn’t worse. Several years ago, we had termites swarm in the dining room. It was like a horror movie (without Yvonne DeCarlo). 🙂
    We had the house treated (well, around the outside), but fortunately there was no damage. Get some rest now!

    • Your termite swarm sounds just hideous. That is truly one of those Trypophobia incidents, IMO. I hope your neighbors had theirs treated as well because my brother (who is in building inspection, etc.) says that if your neighbor has their house sprayed you have to spray yours or the termites will move to it. Disgusting, that.
      And, yes, definitely without Yvonne who has an oddly calming effect about her.

  6. So glad you have been having a fun time – Sedona, now there’s a place for us – we loved it!!
    Hope to get my copy of Kin Type before long…difficult waiting for the poet’s nerves…:)

  7. It’s amazing how quickly you can recover from ‘beyond tired’. Congrats on the publication

  8. Despite all that is going on, it is a blessing to have a rich and full life! Wonderful job of holding it all together!

    • Haha, thanks, Carla! It doesn’t always feel that way (that I am holding it together), but eventually I will look back and see that is true, I’m sure. And, yes, a blessing!

  9. And congratulations again on the poem in Badlands!

  10. I’m glad the termites were dead and not the men 😀 It sounds like your life is very full at the moment, Luanne xxx

  11. I’m glad you had lots of fun with your friend and also got your termites terminated.
    I can hardly wait until I get my copy of “Kin Types”!! I love the cover. That old picture is strangely alive….

    • They still have not matched the color stain though :(. As far as the tintype goes: I know! I feel as if she must be Johanna DeKorn. She looks too much like my mom not to be her.

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