Poem Up at Burningword Literary Journal

It is October, which means that it is OctPoWriMo, a poetry writing month. I can’t write one a day this month, but the special month itself did encourage me to write one this weekend using inspiration from the Plath Poetry Project.

Burningword Literary Journal has published my poem “Elegy.” This poem is on a solo ride with emotion and maybe shows a bit of my love of Sylvia Plath poetry (it is not the poem I wrote this weekend) and for fairy tales.



For those who don’t realize, an elegy is a type of poem. It is a lament for someone who has died or something that is lost. Anything described as elegiac is mournful.

Are you going to write a poem or more this month?

In honor of OctPoWriMo, I am offering HALF PRICE on any poetry consulting  that begins in the month of October.


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31 responses to “Poem Up at Burningword Literary Journal

  1. Congratulations, Luanne!
    I only learned it was OctPoWriMo a few days ago. I only knew about the April one. I’m still finishing my sexual harassment book and other projects. I will write some poems this month–well, don’t I always?–but not every day. 🙂

  2. Well done, Luanne

  3. Lovely Elegy, Luanne. Congratulations on the literary journal publication.

  4. Congratulations Luanne, a haunting poem.

  5. I know this poem – I’ve read it before and as I always read it several times in a sitting, just to get the images set to the emotion I guess, I feel I know it quite well. I also love the graphic that accompanies it. You must be running close to your aim for publications this year? And I’m glad to read you wrote something this weekend too. Well done and congratulations 🙂

    • Thanks, Pauline! I made the graphic :). It was fun. I decided to make them for publications so that I can use them on Instagram, but they work good for the blog, too! I am running very close–thanks for noticing!!!! I have one more forthcoming and then will be one short of my goal . . . .

  6. I agree, the graphics are beautiful and the words haunting! Congratulations, Luanne and thank you for sharing…

  7. I love your elegy, Luanne. As you already know, it is my favorite type of poem. I had one published in Burningword too some time ago. I like them! Congratulations!

  8. What a beautiful elegy, Luanne!

  9. I’m always impressed by those month-long challenges. I wish you great accomplishment. I don’t think there is a poet in my soul but I enjoy reading others’ work. Liked your poem very much.

    • Well, I am not up for the challenge this month! But it is a reminder to write some poems, just not one a day! Thank you so much! I’m tickled that you like it!

  10. Truly lovely, Luanne. I’m so happy for you to be included with other voices. Yours of course will be the standout. Congratulations.

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