Poem Up at Zingara Poetry Review

Editor Lisa M. Hase-Jackson has published my poem “Maybe It was Spring” at Zingara Poetry Review. This poem is very different from the one also published a few hours ago at North of Oxford. That one is a dark story, a poem that reveals the real Medusa and what happened to her. You can find “Medusa’s #Metoo” in my previous post.

But “Maybe It was Spring” is a “risen” poem. It’s about all the possibilities of rebirth, renewal, and the hope of a miracle. It’s also a true story.

Click the image below to get to “Maybe It was Spring”:

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15 responses to “Poem Up at Zingara Poetry Review

  1. Enjoyed the poem, Luanne. True and unusual story.

  2. I love how you captured one of those magical moments of union ……….

  3. Wonderful poem, Luanne. Do you keep in touch with those girls to see if they remembered?

    • Haha, I am in touch with 3 girls that could have been there. One of them I am sure was there. And I think her sister as well. The other two I’m not sure. I need to ask Cheri if she recalls that night.

  4. Wonderful mysterious poem, Luanne.
    Honestly, your poetry flies through cyberspace at remarkable speed – I congratulate you for your successes – for the new readers who have the opportunity to experience what I have admired for, thankfully, so many years.Bravo!!

    • I admit that I already have almost as many acceptances in 2020 as I did in 2019. Just need 4 more to match. I go by “venues” not by pieces.

  5. What a fantastic poem. Love it!
    And congrats 🙂

  6. Congratulations, Luanne! Maybe it’s my perverse mind but I felt like I could read multiple stories in your poem … yes, the uplifting one of hope and union. The perversion (if you will) is that it reminded me of the time I belonged to a fairly benign religious group. It wasn’t a cult although we were ridiculed as the “Jesus People.” There was that sense of union when we all were praying or singing (or both) and then someone would start speaking in tongues and things would kind of come apart. At least for me because I don’t think I ever truly felt that sense of union that we were all supposed to feel. And there were other things 😉

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