Cover Reveal of Rooted and Winged

Finishing Line Press has revealed the new cover of my full-length collection Rooted and Winged.


Release date: September 9

Book description:

The poems of Rooted and Winged explore the emotional and physical movement of flight and falling. They are of the earth, the place of fertile origins, and of the dream world we observe and imagine when we look upward. Golems and ghosts that emerge from the ground, as well as the birds and angels that live above us, inhabit the collection. We will always be striving for flight, even as we feel most comfortable closest to the earth.

There are poems about Arizona, California, and the lakes of Michigan. My maternal grandparents are the characters that most inhabit this book.

Cover art: Leonard Cowgill

If you pre-order . . .

I would love it if you could pre-order the book, if you can swing it. For the pre-order period, I am donating $5 in the name of each person who pre-orders the book to Liberty Wildlife, a wildlife rehabilitation center.  Two months into the pandemic, we had a red-tailed hawk in our yard. She was unable to fly, and a volunteer from Liberty Wildlife came out to rescue her. I wrote a poem about the incident, which was published in The Orchards Poetry Journal and is in Rooted and Winged. The gardener and I have brought many smaller injured and orphaned birds to Liberty Wildlife over the years.  Some of the poems in the book are about the wildlife in our area.

If you place an order for the book, please let me know with your name and email address. That way I can keep track of the pre-orders to make sure my list matches that of the publisher. When the pre-order period is over, I will give the list of names and emails to Liberty. You will then receive an acknowledgement by email of your donation for the birds and bunnies.

As always, I am available for blog interviews and guest posts and would particularly love to set things up for fall when the book is in our hands!

all my ghosts and angels become each

other and then me with a hinted outline of wings.

from “The Shape of Me”


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  1. A beautiful cover, Luanne! I can hardly wait until “Rooted and Winged” comes out!!

  2. Congratulations, Luanne! I’m excited to read this!

  3. I love the cover!💕

  4. Great cover, Luanne! Congrats!

  5. Very unique cover!

  6. Well done, Luanne. Very special cover.

  7. YAY!! Just pre-ordered my copy. Will it be signed?

  8. Congratulations, Luanne I love the cover & can’t wait to read this poetry collection!! Subjects I adore too. 🙂

  9. Congratulations, Luanne

  10. Can’t wait for this. Will definitely be ordering.
    Busy with promotion of The Hand of Ganesh.

  11. Congratulations!!!! How exciting. I ordered and love that you are donating to the wildlife as well.

    • Thank you!!!! I need your email address so you can get an eventual email from liberty wildlife for the donation. Do you want to email it to me? luanne.castle at

  12. Love the cover, Luanne! Fabulous!!!
    I pre-ordered a copy. I know I’ll love it.

  13. I know I’ve been out of the loop, but I’m astounded I missed that this was coming out. I LOVE the cover art! So very happy for you and pre-ordering!

  14. A captivating cover, Luanne. Congratulations.

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