New Poem Up at Nightingale & Sparrow

Grateful to Nightingale & Sparrow journal and editor Marcelle Newbold for publishing my poem, “Becoming Silent at Thirteen.”

Becoming Silent at Thirteen

The poem takes place at the lake where my family lived summer. In the following photo, I am about 11 or 12. The lake was not large, but seemed like three lakes that flowed together because of the configuration of the shoreline. In fact, everyone called the different parts first lake, second lake, and third lake. The last was shallow and swampy with weeds sticking up out of the water. You could see the lake bottom from your boat.

Young teen me on the lake


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32 responses to “New Poem Up at Nightingale & Sparrow

  1. Congratulations, Luanne!
    I particularly liked the penultimate stanza.

  2. Nice poem, Luanne. I could just picture you sitting quietly, listening.

  3. Wonderful poem, Luanne. took me back to those Michigan lakes of my youth.

  4. I love your poem! I’d nearly forgotten was it was like to be thirteen. The final stanza really brought it home for me. Brava!

  5. Congratulations on the publication of this beautifully evocative poem

  6. What a sensational poem and beautiful memory, Luanne! Congratulations!

  7. Wow, Luanne! Look at you being brave on the lakes – I have always been afraid of water and admired anyone who braved the seas!!

    • I can completely understand anyone being afraid of water, especially when you can’t see down there. I grew up around lakes though from the time I was a baby and I am a Cancer (water sign). I loved water skiing, but I also loved boating and just hanging out in the water. I’m not a strong swimmer (too lazy I guess)) but had plenty of lessons and could swim out to the raft and swim when the Sunfish tipped over, etc. We used to go fishing, but now the thought of hurting the fish and even the worms is too much for me.

      • Pretty feels the same way about water as you do, but she’s a true Gemini so she can love the land with her true Taurus, too.
        I feel the same way about fishing now – I loved to go with my folks when I was a kid, but the idea of torture of the bait and/or fish makes me slightly nauseous. Yikes.

        • So funny about T being a true Gemini with her twin-spirit!! Yup, Taurus is of the earth. Let’s face it, all the elements are important. We couldn’t do without them.
          Yeah, so strange how even though we grew up with fishing we turned away from it.

  8. I have caught up now, Luanne, and have enjoyed reading the excellent reviews of “Rooted and Winged”. Your poem “Becoming Silent at Thirteen” is beautiful. Congratulations on publication!

  9. Wonderful poem…I could picture everything so clearly! Magical! 🙂

  10. Wonderful poem, Luanne! Congratulations!

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