Poem-A-Week at Sims Library of Poetry

I’m thrilled to have my poem,”Inside the House We Lived In When Dad Went Broke,” published as part of the Poem-A-Week project at the Sims Library of Poetry.

Sims Library of Poetry is a fabulous resource for inner city Los Angeles. This is a description from their website: “We are the first black-owned poetry library in the state of California. We aim to engage with the South L.A. community by offering a space to read, write, study, perform, and appreciate poetry.”

Here’s the poem:


I’m so happy that Sims found my poem important enough to feature for a week on their website.

I’m taking a year-long art class with weekly lessons. This time I learned new ways to create depth in an abstract. I did this one in my journal.

Perry is taking lots of meds and supplements, and so far he doesn’t realize he isn’t well!


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29 responses to “Poem-A-Week at Sims Library of Poetry

  1. Both poem and artwork are super!

  2. Your poem is just so compelling, Luanne.

  3. I enjoyed your poem—great title!

  4. Amie McG

    Congratulations! The imagery in your poem painted a vivid scene, great depth in words and art.

  5. Congratulations, Luanne! I just read your poem and loved it, particularly how it ends. I like your new art piece as well.

  6. Great work and thanks for the Perry update!

  7. Good news on Perry – onward.
    That poem is one of my favorites!!
    I love the art, too!
    All in all, awesome….

  8. Congratulations on the publication of a fine poem with a poignant last line – and on the beautifully balanced painting

  9. I enjoyed your poem. The imagery in your poem painted a vivid scene, great depth in words and art.

  10. Congratulations, Luanne! What an honor. It’s a wonderful poem.

  11. Congrats, Luanne! Lovely, moving poem. I also like the textured artwork. And dear Perry, I’m glad he’s feeling no pain!

    • Thank you, Deborah. That makes me happy that you like both poem and art. Ah, Perry. He doesn’t understand that having diarrhea for two months now is not good. So I will continue to go along with his idea that he’s just fine!

  12. Love your art piece!! Glad Perry’s doing alright!!

  13. What a lovely honor, Luanne — and a great poem too!
    Be well, little Perry💗

  14. That is just super for you and for the people being exposed to a variety of poetry in such a forum.

  15. I do love these poems that take us right into the story. So evocative of scene. And glad that Perry is carrying on obliviously.

  16. Your poem and painting are beautiful, Luanne. Thank you for sharing both. I am glad to hear Perry is doing well with his new regimen.

    • Thank you so much, Lavinia! Fingers crossed with Perry. He really doesn’t seem to understand he’s sick. I wish it could stay that way forever!

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