Poem Up at Sleet Magazine

A big thank you to editor Susan Solomon who has published my poem “How They Fall” at Sleet Magazine.

The poem is an important part of the themes I’m working with in my new collection: flight, falling, the ups and downs of life. It’s also very cool that all of the very few poems in the issue feel connected with each other.

How They Fall


My daughter’s skydive


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39 responses to “Poem Up at Sleet Magazine

  1. Congratulations, Luanne. You’re really rocking them out! This one has such a dreamlike feel to it.

  2. Congratulations, Luanne!

  3. Amy

    Great images, Luanne. I can feel her floating. They do all fall away differently, don’t they?

  4. That last line really has an impact! Very nice poem, Luanne. Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations on another poem published, Luanne. I love this strange floating, falling one.

  6. Very good poem. Congratulations. And Sleet also falls

  7. Wow! Congratulations 😊

  8. wonderful poem, Luanne – congrats on another published piece!!
    Your daughter must be fearless – like her mother.

    • hahahahaha Well, you won’t get this mom up in a parachute. My fearlessness comes in the non-height-related versions! They loved her at the skydive place and wanted her to be a regular! Um, no, please please no.

  9. Beautiful, evocative, as soft as gossamer. Congratulations Luanne.

  10. Lovely poem – congrats, Luanne!! xoxo

  11. Congratulations!! So Lovely!

  12. Well done, Luanne. Funny how we dream these things but never let it finish.
    We don’t dare hit the ground in our sleep.

  13. Congratulations on the publication of your poem, Luanne! There are so many different ways to fall. Such a contrast between the images of the two women falling, the younger and the older, in the same posture with entirely different meaning.

    • Thank you for reading.Thank you for your insightful comments, too. I hadn’t realized how many of my poems in the last year have touched upon the subject.

      • You’re welcome, Luanne. I’ve experienced the same thing with not realizing that that I’m touching on the same subject in a series of stories. This past year, it’s been women who can’t accept their expected role in society as wife and mother. It took me several stories before I realized it.

  14. congratulations!! that’s great news! lovely poem as well, i love the floating part!! so happy for you and thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us!☺️

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested☺️It would mean a lot to me!🥺🤍

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