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Poem up at Entropy: Lots of Birds Going On

I am tickled that my poem “Noah and the Middle School Marching Band” has been published by the wonderful journal Entropy for their BIRDS series, and it’s accompanied by art by my friend Mary Stebbins Taitt, artist and naturalist. Mary and I met through Cowbird, a site where we both used to publish stories.

UPDATE: Entropy appears to be closed, and the poem is no longer available online. Here is the poem:

Noah and the Middle School Marching Band

It is green and blue and yellow where

I can see out the window

instead of concentrating on the page.

That famous poet chastised me

for putting birds in poems

as if he released them from

their lined and stanzaed cages when

he grew bored with their singing.

But you know what? I’m alone

with my paper and who will care

if I lure them in with my baton-

like pen, parading them into place

two by two like Noah and the

middle school marching band.

It’s not just robins and wrens.

Look at them come. Godwits

and bushtits, catbirds and black-

crested titmice, I tickle their feet

to move them along a little faster.

Come on, coots and loons with

the juncos and cuckoos, the dippers,

the pink-footed shearwaters.

Watch for the yellow legs,

the redstarts, bespeckled ovenbirds.

Quails and rails, pintails and pewees.

Now watch my favorites, most social

of them all, chattery magpies.

Inside my shabby bars, they wobble

on perches I improvise as they arrive.

When I asked Mary if she would like to have one of her pieces accompany my poem, I was amazed at how many birds she had worked on.


Noah is my favorite Bible character.

“Noah and the Dove” by Judith Klausner


MY GOODREADS REVIEW OF A NEW POETRY COLLECTION, Mesmerizingly Sadly Beautiful by Matthew Lippman:

I am writing my feelings and thoughts about Lippman’s new collection while they are still fresh, but when I don’t have time to write a thorough review that does it justice. This is a mesmerizing (and sadly) beautiful book. These poems are the epitome of Lippman’s big-hearted writing. I could imagine him with his big aching heart carried outside his body while he wrote these poems. Nobody creates FEELING from a poem like he does. Feelings of love and sadness are all intertwined here. You can’t have love without sadness and you can’t have sadness without love. Read this book, everyone! This is a book that can save us from our over-thinking and our despair.


I will be taking a blog break for a week or so (therefore, I closed comments here). See you when I return and stay safe, healthy, and calm in the meantime!

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