Guest author: Luanne Castle – Kin Types

A huge thank you to Sue Vincent for featuring me and my baby Kin Types on her beautiful blog!


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12 responses to “Guest author: Luanne Castle – Kin Types

  1. Lovely to have had you over, Luanne πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for hosting Luanne, Sue!

  3. I enjoyed this post and appreciate how you learned more about your family by setting up the Kalamazoo family blog. I used to enjoy reading the unique stories, Luanne!
    Time gets sucked into a vortex and so hard to stay connected but your Kin Types chapbook has intrigued me from the beginning.
    Sue, you are an author and have some books I really hope to read, too! Thanks for including this post!

    • Oh, I hear you on the time vortex. Ugh! I want to clone myself ;). Sue is such a gracious host!

      • Sue is definitely a warm and thoughtful host! I wish I could clone myself, too! It would be lovely to retire but this is not for a few more years. . . I like that my parents came to my own children’s programs driving down, retired, in their camping transvan. 😁

        • Oh, how nice that they were able to do that! It’s starting to seem that that generation more often had jobs that allowed them to retire fairly early and then have a little freedom. I will hope that you can do so before as long as you think, Robin!

  4. Interesting post. Followed Sue Vincent.

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