Guest author: Luanne Castle – Kin Types

A huge thank you to Sue Vincent for featuring me and my baby Kin Types on her beautiful blog!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Jennie Bomhoff Zuidweg

The poems and flash prose in Kin Types were begun as I accumulated family stories and information over the years. My grandfather had an excellent memory and was an enthusiastic storyteller, so over time I came to feel that I knew his parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, although they died decades before I was born.

When my grandfather got older, he gave me a collection of glass plate negatives that had belonged to his uncle, as well as antique photographs. As my family noticed my interest, they began to send me other heirlooms, including documents and more photographs. I started to research my family history, using online websites. Then I started a WordPress blog called, and readers from around the world contacted me, sending me yet more information.

As I became more knowledgeable about my family, the stories I heard at my grandfather’s knee were enhanced…

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12 responses to “Guest author: Luanne Castle – Kin Types

  1. Lovely to have had you over, Luanne 🙂

  2. Thanks for hosting Luanne, Sue!

  3. I enjoyed this post and appreciate how you learned more about your family by setting up the Kalamazoo family blog. I used to enjoy reading the unique stories, Luanne!
    Time gets sucked into a vortex and so hard to stay connected but your Kin Types chapbook has intrigued me from the beginning.
    Sue, you are an author and have some books I really hope to read, too! Thanks for including this post!

    • Oh, I hear you on the time vortex. Ugh! I want to clone myself ;). Sue is such a gracious host!

      • Sue is definitely a warm and thoughtful host! I wish I could clone myself, too! It would be lovely to retire but this is not for a few more years. . . I like that my parents came to my own children’s programs driving down, retired, in their camping transvan. 😁

        • Oh, how nice that they were able to do that! It’s starting to seem that that generation more often had jobs that allowed them to retire fairly early and then have a little freedom. I will hope that you can do so before as long as you think, Robin!

  4. Interesting post. Followed Sue Vincent.

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